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Confidentiality is key when it comes to files and documents, especially, and what better way to keep them safe and secure, especially if you are one to share the use of your devices with more than one person. It becomes necessary to have a secured measured aside the usual and regular account password. If you fit into this position and require an advanced alternative lock, then the Easy File Locker is what you need. This easy to use safety security application locker keeps your files from unwanted access and entry, against deleting and writing by making them invisible.

Why is Easy File Locker Useful?

The locker application is a lightweight software with a simple interface to set several restrictions against unauthorized access to classified folders and files on the computer. This launched incredible interface app can store all features of the file locker in the under small, upper toolbar and intuitive buttons. The major space of this lightweight app is taken up by a list that shows imported elements as well as their current security type, status, and full path.

In file safety, the options to handle are numerous. Imported items should be checked if it aligns with accessibility, visibility, and writing in other to know if they can be deleted or not. With the completion of the settings, it is quite okay to close the application, and the files stay in the already configured state.

All that is required is for users to identify the files and folders that shouldn’t be accessible by any other person aside from them, then simply have these docs dragged over the main window to get them prepared for processing. Also, with the file locker, you can still browse via your hard disk with a strong file explorer to search and identify desired items as well.

Among its unique qualities, that which is missing is a context menu entry, which can help to eliminate the need to come up with the main window every time securing files are needed. It is not advisable to leave folders easily accessible and visible as you never know the treat to be encountered although the content is not affected by the option of write and delete, stored files in any given folder can be vulnerable unless personally handled.

For advanced security measures, the file locker software enables the user to set a major password, which will enable them to gain access to the interface, thereby accessing restricted files and changing settings on the go. Incorporated also is an integrated option to enable the user the total ability to life any restrictions on all files and folders until further notice or when ready for later use.

It is freeware with a suitable version of 32 bit and 64 bit, and the operating system is compatible with Windows Vista/Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, respectively. It is assigned to lockdown category and is only available to all software users as a free download.

Key Features of Easy File Locker Include:

  • The application locks folders and locks files. What this means is that files subfolders and folders are secured from unwanted access; it is not available for other users to move, delete, modify, read, rename at will, etc. 
  • The file locker ensures files and folders are hidden, so all private and confidential docs are completely invisible to other users and programs.
  • The locker software program comes with a password protected GUI and uninstaller whereby once passwords are set, no one can launch the application or uninstall the software without the allocated and given the password.
  • It has a Quick file importing methods as well as easy to use and a lightweight
  • Under windows safe mode, files are still be secured and protected
  • When in use, windows speed will not be slowed down, and the user’s data will never be destroyed.
  • With its great protection ability, users cannot read, modify or even see the hidden files or folders
  • The mouse can be used to drag files to take advantage of the security solution provided on the digital toolkit
  • Once files are loaded, a drop-down list appears so that file information like file size, name, and date will be revealed, and the last time it was edited as well.
  • The file locker application has no limitations when it comes to the file type.
  • It is also ideal for a system that allows multiple users even when they are working on a network.


Having taken into account the features and importance of the Easy File locker application, it is best to say that it is a simple and straightforward software program that can help users add and take more security measures in protecting and securing important and valuable files and folders. The features may seem shallow and lightweight, but if you feel the normal security systems are not satisfactory to protect your data, rest assured this tool is guaranteed to give you satisfaction for the desired aim of file protection.

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  • Developer: XOSLAB.COM
  • Homepage: www.xoslab.com
  • Version: 2.2
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