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Best Free Keylogger Lite is an application that makes it possible for you to keep tabs on the activities of a particular user, on the computer. It allows you to capture desktop snapshots and also record keyboard entries. The application helps you to log keystrokes as well as process every piece of information copied to your clipboard.

The application is perfectly safe to run on your computer as it only records keyboard keystrokes. It does not collect or convey personally identifiable information from your computer except such information is enclosed in an emailed log file created from keystrokes and sent to you. 

Why Should You Use Best Free Keylogger Lite?

Best Free Keylogger Lite has a very simple interface and does not have a rigorous installation process. It is packed with well-drawn and comprehensive help contents which novice users, as well as power users, can easily relate to. After initialization, the first thing required of you is to input a master password for Best Free Keylogger Lite to ensure that only authorized individuals can view all the information logged or tweak the settings. 

It comprises few buttons, a navigation panel and a pane that allows you to view the selected information seamlessly. It can take screenshots of with the on-screen activity for you to have a vivid picture of what transpires when other people make use of your PC. It is capable of monitoring all internet activity on your PC, with ease. 

To schedule the logging process, all you have to do is simply input the duration of time for which you intend to follow the activity of an individual. With ease, you can hide this tool and bring it up by inputting custom keywords in the command prompt or through the help of a user-input keyboard shortcut. 

With Best Free Keylogger, you can log keystrokes and also perform internet monitoring. Through the settings panel, you are able to tweak a couple of settings and view logs; you can change the interval for picture-taking, choose snapshot quality, change your passkey and even specify maximum log size as well as the actions to take when this is reached, example- clear old logs, stop monitoring, etc.). 

Keep in mind that you can change all your settings just by the click of a button and you can also import log files, provided they come in KELGFILE Format. Through the main window, every monitored activity can be viewed alongside details such as time, date. and user; you can also filter this results in correspondence to URL, app name, Web page title, date, and user. 

Best Free Keylogger Lite does not require many resources to function properly and therefore does not in any way, overload the system’s performance. It has a great response time is highly recommended for all user categories. It will interest you to know that Best Free Keylogger Lite has been duly tested and is proven to be an effective piece of software that contains no pop-up errors or constant display of ads. It will, however, still appear in the task manager whether or not the hidden mode is activated. 

Also, Best Free Keylogger Lite does not need a rooted device to work properly. On the application’s interface, available to you are the following options: Settings, logs, import, help, about and the option to ‘upgrade to pro.’ Under Settings, the following tabs are available: Monitoring (keystrokes monitoring, clipboards monitoring, capture screenshots, internet monitoring, process monitoring), ‘schedule monitoring,’ ‘limiting,’ ‘general settings,’ ‘email,’ ‘FTP,’ ‘Network’ and ‘USB.’ Trough ‘general settings’, you are able to remove logs after delivering, change password, hide and unhide hotkey, etc. 

The application provides the facility allowing you to monitor your PC remotely via email. It also provides the facility to log files from the monitored PC to any FTP server you configure, and there is no limit on the log file size. With the USB Delivery feature on Best Free Keylogger, log files can copy into the previously configured USB device. All you have to do is connect the USB device to your PC, and it automatically executes the copy event secretly. 

Key Features of Free Keylogger Lite Include:

  • Limit by users
  • Uploading logs on FTP 
  • Keyboard monitoring 
  • Image slideshow
  • Invisible to antivirus


Best Free Keylogger Lite is a brilliant tool that will enable you to track and log all the keys any user strikes on your keyboard. This way, the user does not know that their activities are being monitored. The application will be especially useful for parents who want to make sure that their children are staying safe on the internet. All in all, if you are a parent who is concerned about your children’s safety on the web or an employer who is keen on monitoring the employees to make sure tasks are completed, then you are in the right place.

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