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Kaspersky Security Scan is an antivirus solution that scans your computer to find malware and system vulnerabilities. The tool allows you to determine your computer's protection status against malware and identify various types of security problems.

It is always better off  having an additional layer of protection when it comes to cyber threats and malware. Computer viruses are very advanced these days as well as malware is. That is why you have to install additional tool to scan and detect various malware and vulnerabilities. 

Kaspersky Security Scan is definitely what you need to gain security and protection.  It is critical to mention that the software does not fix and remove vulnerabilities and malware infections. The primary purpose of Kaspersky Security Scan is to find malware and generate reports. The process of scanning and getting the report is not complicated so that even a newbie can handle the software.

Why Use Kaspersky Security Scan?

You can choose from fast scan and full scan. The difference between these modes is that if you select the full scan, the tool will check the entire disk, while the fast scan means quicker and more selective check. In addition, there is an option to schedule automatic scanning, so that the tool will scan the system automatically on a daily basis, for example. 

When the tool finishes a scan, it shows you a list of issues, including malware, vulnerabilities in OS, and potential problems.  The software  is also cloud-based, which means that it has up-to-date information about new and emerging malware. Moreover, thanks to the scanning options, you can see if you need a proper antivirus solution or whether  the firewall works. 

Key features include:

  • 2 scan modes (fast scan and full scan).
  • Cloud-based.
  • A full report on all malicious software and problems in OS.
  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with other antivirus software.


Overall, it is obvious that nowadays it is not enough to use a single antivirus. It is much better and effective to have additional scanning tool. Kaspersky Security Scan can serve as an  example of such a well-designed tool. Using it, you can get a full report concerning malware and other security problems on your computer. Moreover, the software is compatible with other antiviruses, which means that you can use Kaspersky Security Scan just as an additional layer in your protection. The software is easy to use and has a modern and intuitive interface both experts and novices will enjoy using.

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