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In this age of increasing cyber crimes with hackers, trojans, and different kinds of viruses and malware now flooding the internet, security has become a necessity for every PC user. Because of this, users have to resort to at least one of the many security software; the problem, however, is that most of these applications are usually overloaded with tools and features nobody needs; making the applications too heavy and eat up too much system resources during runtime and even in the background. Bearing this in mind, the UK-based company, K7Computing decided to bring to the table a simple, yet effective all-in-one security package capable of keeping your computer system virus and malware-free all year round.

K7 Total Security is a sophisticated yet straightforward/comprehensive all-in-one security software tool designed to give maximum protection to your computer system all year round. The application offers a full sphere of protection by incorporating the services of an antivirus package, a rigid firewall, anti-spam tool, phishing protection, parental control system, as well as full privacy. Added to this, the software also features a dynamic array of tools with which you could increase your computer’s performance by more than a lot. There are also top-notch tools that can help you clean out all traces of your internet activity and all online footprints. Some tools can help you handle or completely clean out obsolete and temporary files, and a whole lot of other intuitive but straightforward features.

How Can K7 Total Security Help You Secure and Keep Your PC Light and Clean?

Notably, K7 keeps it simple. For instance, when you open K7 Total Security for the first time, the subsequent window displays a very simple dashboard featuring a protection status banner at the top, followed by three non-clickable status tiles: Last Updated, Virus Definition, and the number of days you have left in your current subscription. If your status is alright on all three counts, the banner and the tiles will remain green, however, if the system detects a lapse in either of them, then that tile will be red. – if you are fine on all tiles, and there is more relevant information, the Last Updated tile is usually swapped to display such valuable information.

Down in the lower-right corner, you will find the various key icons for taking action inside K7 Total Security: Scan, Update, Backup, and Tools. While this may look a little odd, it does make some sense as the company makes it clear that they would rather have their users doing much less whereas the application does all the hefty work in the background; all K7 wants her users to be concerned with is whether or not your computer is secure, and whether your K7 Total Security software is up to date or not.

K7 is well-equipped with a handful of intuitive security tools with which you could use to ensure your PC’s safety. One of such tools includes the Scan Tool. Going back to that lower-right corner, you can click on the ‘Scan’ menu button; this will call up K7’s various scan options – options include the usual options such as an entire PC scan, a quick scan, or a custom scan. The application also features a rootkit scanning option, and although it is not listed under this menu, K7 Total Security prompts for permissions to run a scan whenever you plug in an external device such as a USB to your computer.

Another notable feature of K7 Total Security is the Backup tool which helps you to configure all your backups to a local drive. Also, there is the ‘Tools’ menu which offers even more extras such as a registry cleaner, browser cleaner, a USB vaccination tool, and a generic PC tune-up option. At the top-right of the application window, there is also a settings menu option. There you will also find a reports section which will show you what has been quarantined by K7, information concerning ‘security event history,’ system monitor events, and finally, help and customer support links.

As far as customer support is concerned, K7 Total Security gives users very informative and attractive user support, which can be accessed from the customer support section of their website. K7’s support webpage includes features such as tips, solutions, FAQs, knowledge base, user guides and manuals, vulnerability report and advisory, videos, and other information. Also, users can contact customer support by calling K7’s toll-free number or submitting tickets.

As for pricing, K7 offers a variety of payment options:

  • K7 Antivirus Premium – is the cheapest of offer from K7 Security. This package provides the essential antivirus protection. Payment plan starts at $25.99 per year and covers only a single device.
  • K7 Total Security – this package offers comprehensive protection for your device, including advanced web protection and parental controls. Payment plan starts at $39.99 per year and covers only a single device.
  • K7 Ultimate Security – this package offers you multi-device protection against online threats. Payment plan starts at $49.99 per year for a single device.
  • Added to all these, K7 Security also offers security products for Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Key Features of K7 Total Security Include:

  • Simple easy to use user interface.
  • Multiple tools.
  • Quick Scanner support.
  • Parental restriction support.
  • Antivirus protection.
  • Malware protection.
  • Security and privacy features.
  • Full Scanner Support.
  • System Performance updates.
  • Active and reliable customer care support.
  • Superior tools.
  • Easy installation.


This application is an excellent pick for those who are looking for simplicity and a reliable anti-malware engine. K7 Total Security also provides a very comprehensive array of extra features if you are looking for more than just an antivirus, anti-malware application. However, the payment plans may seem a bit expensive (especially if you are considering using K7 for more than a single device), but considering the robust features and their various functionalities, this may not be such a problem.

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