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Malware can ruin a system, making you lose important files. Imagine having to save all your images, which includes childhood memories, and other memories on your system, only to have malware infest that system, and probably crashes it. You just see all these files get missing, in the twinkle of an eye. Combofix will avert this, from happening. Combofix is an application that is designed to scan your computer for known viruses and remove them automatically.

What will you gain from using Combofix?

Combofix is specialized to clean virus and permits you to remove virus infections manually. The application scans your system and provides you with a report, which shows you the virus infections that could not be removed automatically. Though the application uses a search-and-delete operation system, it is pretty fast at taking a scan, scanning and giving you reports as it progresses. If you are an expert at handling such applications, Combofix is for you, as it is easily used by experts.

Key Features of Combofix Include:

  • Combofix is a real-time application. It detects incoming threats, to the device, informs you and recommends actions you can take to eliminate this threat;
  • It scans all files and folders, when your system is already infested, and clears all the viruses;
  • It gives you information about updates and has the ability to update automatically;
  • You can schedule the time you want the application to do its work;
  • With this application, you can easily get a system restore.


In conclusion, Combofix supplements standard system cleaners and virus removers. The application makes your PC enjoyable to use. You need to be an expert in handling similar applications, to be able to handle this. It is not for novice users. However, you don’t have to spend so long to learn how you can use the application.

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