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  • AVG Anti Spyware is a noteworthy malware detector primarily due to the plethora of features available. The program protects a hard drive against  security threats in real time. AVG Anti Spyware has a strong proprietary virus detection engine - as a result, system checks conducted by the program are in-depth and efficient.

    AVG Anti Spyware conducts thorough registry checks, analyzes all running processes, browser cookies, and file system. You’ll be able to ensure ZIP and RAR archives, compressed files, and system components are virus-free - a rare feature that’s not present in most security alternatives.

    How Can AVG Anti Spyware Boost Your PC?

    The program has a large virus and malware database. At the moment, it contains over 462,000 items and is constantly updated. This means that no virus will go undetected.

    There are five scanning modes a user can choose from. Those new to antivirus software are likely to go with a Complete System Scan. In case you want to quickly check the PC for threats, there’s a Fast System Scan, Particular areas of a device can be inspected as well - system memory, registry, and so on. Finally, advanced PC users can conduct fully custom scans and configure every option to their preferences.

    AVG Anti Spyware protects users against threats in real time, with the Resident Shield feature. The program l automatically terminates malicious processes and suspicious activity, scans downloads and files on executions, removes tracking cookies, prevents spyware from installation.

    A list of features includes, among others, a file shredder - a user will be able to delete files permanently. The Antispy will protect you from system modifications - this is particularly handy in case another person will be using your personal computer.

    AVG Anti Spyware Main Features

    • Shredder for unrecoverable file deletion;
    • An extensive malware database with daily updates;
    • Windows Registry check and cleaning;
    • Heuristic-based scan to detect unknown threats;
    • Patch-proof with strong signatures;
    • Binder detection;
    • Archives scan;
    • DLL-Trojans detection;
    • Quarantine for infected files;
    • Email security scanning;
    • Real-time threat protection.


    AVG Anti Spyware is a tool for detecting and dealing with security threats. It provides Windows users with a full protection suite - you’ll be able to conduct in-depth system checks, monitor ongoing activities in real time, and have full control over a PC’s safety.

  • What's new in version?

    - Fixed inability to run in safe mode
    - Fixed endless loop in full system scan on Vista
    - Fixed premature ending of trial on Vista
    - Fixed partial failure of report generation
    - Fixed wrong behavior of tray icon for free users


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  • Developer: AVG
  • Homepage: www.avg.com
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