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Nothing is captivating like a program that shows you are a pro in typing. Rapid Typing is such a program. Planned as an instrument to assist you to type in a composed way, it takes you through a progression of exercises, every more exciting and actuating than the other.

When purchasing a computer application, people aim to achieve multiple tasks in the shortest possible time, coupled with the flexibility of the application. That is why their first and foremost criteria are speed and user-friendliness. The ability to type very fast and accurately is not different, and that's what brought the concept of Rapid Typing application.

Why is Rapid Typing Useful to PC Users?

Rapid typing is a typing tutor that is easy to understand without conscious thought. It is a free application that is designed to teach all kinds of people the idea or concept of touch typing, as well as the correct finger and hand placement on the keyboard when typing. It is designed for users of different skill levels (from beginners to expert level), and it helps its user to understand the basics of the keyboard as well as typing accurately and fast. The flexible nature of the application classifies typing lessons from beginner to expert and still allows you to choose from which lesson you desire to start from and also gives you the freedom to repeat any lesson you also desire. Through carefully selected lessons and features, Rapid typing is a user-friendly application that teaches typing with ease and fun, beginning from the basics to the advanced typing skills. 

What I loved about Rapid Typing, however, were the tests toward the finish of the course. These tests expect you to repeat a typical text without seeing the text and without deleting it. Be that as it may, you could see your cursor on the first content and could get your orientation along these lines. The program estimates your WPM and gives various insights concerning how well you type certain letters and how well you handle message when all is said and done.

The creative typing coach has a happy and instinctive UI loaded with hues to make figuring out how to type fun. The typing guide includes an assortment of viewable signals to support grown-ups and children ace the PC console, and gives full course measurements in tables and diagrams. Supporting different clients makes Rapid Typing Tutor usable at schools, universities, and colleges.

Since its main purpose is to teach users the art of typing with speed and accuracy, it is compatible with all Windows systems, and it is very easy to set up. No need to configure your system or the tools to make every of its feature work. It is safe and simple to install and does not consume a large amount of space on the RAM. 

Rapid typing provides its user a virtual keyboard and hand. The keyboard directs its user on the correct placement and positioning of fingers to touch specific letters, functional keys, and symbols. On the other hand, the virtual hand guides the user on what to touch next on the virtual keyboard.

Furthermore, it helps to consistently monitor or track its user progress by providing statistical information and visual charts after each lesson. The chart shows the level of speed and accuracy the user has been able to achieve, which will help when comparing the goals set in line with the result.

Rapid typing provides ranges, of course, for the pleasure and typing skill of the user ranging from beginner courses to expert courses and helps the user to personalize and customize lessons. It also helps the user in familiarizing himself with personal words, text, and also with the lesson editor feature.

In case a user wants to rate his typing skill, it offers an online test known as a rapid typing zone, and this test enables the application to assess your speed and accuracy in typing, which will show your present typing skill (whether beginners, amateur or expert).

While it offers you the privilege of starting a course or lesson from whichever stage you desire, it is also time-bound, and this helps to keep the user in check to avoid staying too long on a lesson. Its animation mode comes upon installation, and it can also be deactivated or customized based on the preference of the user. 

Key Features of Rapid Typing Include:

  • Beginner and expert courses.
  • Virtual keyboard; Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak. 
  • Animations such as moving hands.
  • Create lessons and personal materials. 
  • Home, top, bottom, row, and Numpad exercise.
  • Progress Tracking.
  • Online Games.


Experts and advanced typists may not benefit optimally from this application because its sole purpose is to help beginners and amateurs master the art of typing and achieve speed and accuracy while typing. As a beginner, who says learning the art of typing cannot be fun, Rapid typing will make it easier.

What's new in 5.3 version?

Current lesson:

  • When a user finishes the final lesson of the current course, the next course will start automatically.

Student list:

  • Moving students between groups. («Drag-and-Drop» or «Ctrl+X» and «Ctrl+V» shortcuts)


  • Added «Speed» and «Accuracy» markers on the diagram current item's label.
  • Added «Shift» and «Ctrl» hot-keys for item selection on the lesson statistics diagram.

Lesson editor:

  • Moving lessons between sections and courses.
  • «Create new section» command added.
  • «Properties» window has been deleted from the «Lesson editor».
  • The «Save statistics of the incomplete lesson» has been moved from «At the close application» section into the «Lesson Duration» section. Also, this option is disabled when «Do not stop the lesson» is selected.
  • The «Save all» menu command saves all courses for all keyboard layouts.


  • The «Confirmation» message box appears if the user does not have right-access to the Student/Lesson folders.
  • Check-box «Apply to all» has been added to the «Confirmation» window when existing groups, students or courses are inserted.
  • More than 50 bugs have been fixed.


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-10-21
  • Developer: PinokioSoft
  • Version: 5.3
  • File size: 13.67 MB
  • Downloads: 1,743
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: RapidTyping_Setup_5.3_x32.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 69ad3c9c7855cfcbfa0b49732cbb8054