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Typing doesn’t have to be long and boring. Of course, we sometimes have to type repetitive phrases and use the same templates but it doesn’t mean it has to be tedious. With automated tools, all these redundant typing can be avoided since the software will remember your most used phrases and even complex templates. 

PhraseExpress is a tool for increasing typing speed by remembering your typing habits and automating their execution. For instance, if you respond to emails every day, the tool is likely to remember your most frequently used emailing structures and apply them automatically. All you have to do is just tweak a couple of phrases here and there. 

How Can PhraseExpress Boost Your PC?

This software combines the functions of a spell checker, snippet manager, and text editor. The tool is capable of remembering your most used text fragments and analyzing all your typed content to offer the most repeated words automatically. 

Also, it will provide you with personalized ready-to-use writing templates so you will never have to stare at a blank page again, Whenever you are clueless about where to start, you can just pick a template and tweak it. 

All text snippets and templates can be organized in categories for comfortable navigation. For instance, you can create one folder for emails, another for personal messages, another one - for writing a blog post. Since we tend to use many writing styles, depending on the occasion, the tool adapts to these differences by allowing you to sort through the remembered text formats. 

All these data is securely stored in the cloud so you don’t waste your PC storage data. Of course, the matter of security is crucial here since the tool can remember some of your sensitive information as well. That’s why your text Cloud storage is protected with a password as well as with the state-of-art encryption. Even software developers are not able to read your private data.

PhraseExpress supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Synology Cloud Station, and OwnCloud. You can even create your own network folder that can be accessed by multiple computers simultaneously. On top of that, this cross-platform tool is accessible on both Mac OS and Windows OS.

PhraseExpress Key Features Include:

  • Increase your typing speed by using automated text snippets and ready-to-use text templates;
  • Allow the software to handle repetitive writing tasks, such as filling in numeric data, typing the same text fragments, performing text substitution, and multiple formatting edits;
  • Store all your text files in a Cloud service - the tool supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and other popular Cloud tools;
  • Edit text formatting and remember text fonts, size, and color;
  • Share your text and templates with other team members and computers;
  • Various access mode for text previewing, suggesting, and editing.


Phrase Express is one of the simplest and fastest snippet managers with an incredibly simple interface. On the left part of the screen, you see all the folders with templates and snippets. After you’ve picked the necessary one, the text will appear on the right part on the screen. You can edit it straight on the software, copy the text, or transfer to your favorite text editor.

What's new in 14.0.171 version?

  • Tray icon menu option "Restart with administrative rights" when suitable.
  • Phrase files can be pasted into the phrase tree with the clipboard.
  • Optional bitmap auto-resize feature if large bitmaps are pasted into phrases.
  • Cosmetic improvements


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-11-27
  • Developer: Bartels Media GmbH
  • Version: 14.0.171
  • File size: 23.81 MB
  • Downloads: 3,676
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: PhraseExpressSetup.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 1baac20763feca60a97a7c48285e6542