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When computers are not in use for several minutes after being powered on, they automatically go off. Older computers required a large amount of electric current to boot up which will reflect on your energy bill at the end of the month. When they are left idle for short periods, screensavers ensure that they do not go off until you are ready to use them again.

Screensavers also help improve system security by requesting that users log in again after a prolonged period of absence. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information that may be stored on the computer. Dog Screen Cleaner Screensaver keeps your computer running at idle while one of your canine friends lick up the screen.

How Can Dog Screen Cleaner Screensaver improve the Aesthetics of Your PC?

Dog Screen Cleaner Screensaver ensures that your computer does not go off while you perform several other activities away from it. While your computer runs at idle, a cute dog can be seen licking the screen of the device as though it was licking a plate clean.

It is advised that PC users keep their devices protected by setting up a secure password. In order to gain access to system files and other personal information that is saved on the computer, you will need to enter the correct password. A good screensaver ensures that your computer does not go off when idle and users must input the correct password to continue using it again.

The screensaver is loved by most PC owners because of the install package size and the fact that it runs smoothly and efficiently on all computers. It can be enabled from the Personalization menu in the PC settings. You just need to set the idle time which must elapse before the screensaver automatically takes over the screen.

Key Features of Dog Screen Cleaner Screensaver Include:

  • Ensures that your computer does not go off while you perform other activities away from it;
  • Watch a cute dog as it licks the screen of your computer;
  • Users must input the correct password to regain access when the screensaver is displayed;
  • Starts automatically.


Dog Screen Cleaner Screensaver is an app developed by WarnerBros to keep computer users entertained while they perform other activities away from their system at run time. The Desktop customization program has seen a rapid increase in popularity among animal lovers as it feels like having an actual dog that is being affectionate towards its owner.

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