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In this era of digitalization, the exchange of information through digital media is fast becoming a trend as most people would rather watch a video than read about the same idea in a book. Digital media can be in separate forms including images, videos, and sounds which is used for various purposes like entertainment, communication, and education. The information can be stored locally or transmitted across networks using a computer.

Organizing all media files so that they can be accessed easily on your computer is very important. This has led to the need for a software solution that enables you access files stored on the local drive of a system as well as online streaming services. KODI provides a means for you to enjoy high-quality media content and games all in one place.

How Can KODI Help You?

KODI formerly known as XBMC is a digital media solution that makes it possible for its users to stream multimedia over a network or access files from the physical hard drive of their computer. It creates an avenue for you to enjoy videos, audio, and photos on your device. It is easy to install and can be used in a fullscreen mode with access to its full features and settings. The default theme can be altered to change the appearance or layout of the software. With an intuitive interface and unique design, users can interact with its features easily and select their multimedia source location.

The settings panel enables you to configure general appearance as well as other features like TV connections, RSS feed sources, and weather. It has no dedicated audio player nor sound equalizer for music adjustments. Photo slideshows can be configured with distinct transition effects as required. It supports the use of add-ons that can extend the functionalities of KODI. The Add-on Manager creates an avenue where you can download various add-ons.                                      

You can set up a password to prevent unauthorized access to your media files and proxy connections for secure streaming. It supports the use of remote control apps which enables you to control KODI from your phone or tablet. It has a built-in PVR (Personal Video Recording) feature that allows you to access and download content from TV servers. KODI also allows users access to TV guide sources.

Key Features of KODI Include:

  • PVR support;
  • Access to TV guide sources;
  • Photo slideshow effects;
  • Stream videos over a network;
  • Supports remote control;
  • Extensive add-on support.


KODI supports the creation of an organized multimedia library which contains your favorite files in properly indexed categories. Media centers act as alternatives to a regular TV set, enabling you to stay entertained while maintaining the full functionality of a computer.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-09-02
  • Developer: Kodi
  • Homepage: www.kodi.tv
  • Version: 18.4
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  • MD5 Checksum: 8188218e73b014bbb35d335cb08d6cb8