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Vector graphics allow designers to create easy-to-scale visuals with a similar quality to that of raster visuals. In order to create designs, vector graphics use mathematical equations. There are dozens of tools for creating vector graphic visuals in the market and, Vectr is one of the leading tools.

It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that will help to bring vector design ideas into reality. Unlike other professional design tools that have challenging learning curves, Vectr is relatively easy to master due to its block-based interface with dozens of ready-to-go templates. A Vectr design can be shared with other creators and edited collectively in real-time. With a URL for each file, you can allow colleagues, students, or school teachers to watch the process of design creation either via a desktop or the web app.

How Can Vectr Boost Your PC?

Vectr allows designers to create visual materials (posters, video thumbnails, social media covers, etc.) in no time. There are dozens of ready-to-go templates that don’t take more than a few minutes to customize. Moreover, after creating one material, you can create dozens of similar ones by just changing the color palette. It’s an extremely handy feature for repetitive contents like thumbnails or blog covers. The programme’s interface allows users to create designs on the go in an offline mode or with a weak Internet connection.

There are several editing features a user can adjust as well, like color depth, blurriness, pixel image size, and others. After rescaling a design, you don’t have to worry about the loss in quality. You can even import a design created with  other editors and edit them in Vectr. In case a user wants to access Vectr files from a different device that doesn’t have access to the programme, these designs can still be accessed via a web-based client. The finished work can be exported as a PNG, JPG, and SVG file. A file can also be exported as an HTTP page, shared on Facebook and Twitter, or saved as PDF for print.

Vectr Main Features

  • Draw common shapes and basic elements;
  • Add text and change fonts;
  • Add over dozens of filters to the design;
  • Resize and rotate images;
  • Export images from your hard drive and edit them in Vectr;
  • Work on designs collectively without losing your progress;
  • Change the level of blurriness, shadows, and opacity.


Vectr is an easy-to-use tool for Windows that allows designers to create good-looking vector visuals in a matter of seconds. The tool is easy to navigate and use on the go. There are templates for both novice and professional designers for creating logos, posters, brochures, apps or website prototypes. Vectr can be accessed as an online tool from a web server as well.

What's new in 0.1.16 version?

  • Hey guys! We’re happy to announce the following version of Vectr and some awesome features that we have just shipped. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on implementing keyboard shortcuts - many of you had asked us for that and … they’re finally here! 🚀 Now you can design in Vectr faster and better!

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • We’ve built a convenient and intuitive keyboard shortcuts system for you. You can toggle keyboard cheatsheet by pressing ? on your keyboard.

Then once you press the shortcut - either the tool gets selected or the particular action is performed. Here’s a detailed desctiptions of the shortcuts and what they do:

Insert Tool Shortcuts:

  • R - Activate rect tool
  • U - Activate rounded rect tool
  • O - Activate Ellipse tool
  • V - Activate Pen tool (i.e. path point drawing)
  • P - Activate Pencil tool (i.e. freehand path drawing)
  • T - Activate Text tool

Text Editing shortcuts:

  • alt - Draw shape from center (instead of top left). Or, resize from center for existing elements.
  • ⌘b - Make Bold
  • ⌘ i - Make Italic
  • alt + / ⌘ + / shift ⌘ - Increase font size
  • shift alt + /shift alt ⌘ + / shift ⌘ - Increase font size by 10
  • alt - / alt ⌘ - / shift ⌘ - Decrease font size
  • shift alt - /shift alt ⌘ - / shift ⌘ - Decrease font size by 10
  • alt Ctrl l - Increase character spacing
  • alt ctrl t - Decrease character spacing
  • ⌘ t - Open font family select
  • ⌘ shift o - Convert to outlines
  • ⌘ shift { / ⌘ shift l - Align text left
  • ⌘ shift } / ⌘ shift r - Align text right
  • ⌘ shift | / ⌘ shift c - Align text center
  • ⌘ shift _ / ⌘ shift j - Justify text
  • ⌘ → - Move caret to beginning of next word
  • ⌘ ← - Move caret to beginning of previous word
  • ⌘ ↑- Move caret to beginning of current paragraph. If caret is already at beginning of paragraph, move to beginning of previous paragraph. Note: empty white lines count as paragraphs.
  • ⌘ ↓ - Move caret to beginning of current paragraph. If caret is already at beginning of paragraph, move to beginning of previous paragraph. Note: empty white lines count as paragraphs.

Scene Shortcuts:

  • ⌘ + Zoom In
  • ⌘ - Zoom Out
  • ⌘ 0 Zoom to Fit
  • ⌘ 1 Center Canvas
  • ⌘ 2 Zoom to Selection
  • ⌘ 3 Center Selection
  • alt tab Focus first input in filters
  • ctrl g Toggle Grid (toggle between snapping, grid, and off)
  • space drag Pan Canvas
  • ctrl space Select zoom by rect (drag to select rect, zoom to fit rect on release mouse)


  • alt drag - Duplicate. Rather than dragging the selected layer, it copy/pastes the layer (without a nudge) and starts dragging the pasted layer.
  • alt ⌘ c - Copy style (copies filters from selection)
  • alt ⌘ v - Paste style (pastes filters onto selection)
  • ctrl c - Open eyedropper. If no colorpicker open, defaults to opening the colorpicker for the first background which is not an image.
  • alt click "hide" - Toggle hide on all layers except the one where hide icon was clicked.
  • alt click "lock" - Toggle lock on all layers except the one where hide icon was clicked.
  • Path Editing:
  • tab - Select next point
  • alt - Hide all points except the ones that are selected

Editing Shapes:

  • alt ⌘ U - Union CSG
  • alt ⌘ S - Subtract CSG
  • alt ⌘ I - Intersect CSG
  • alt ⌘ X - Difference CSG
  • ⌘ ↑ - Resize Selection (make smaller - resize from south matrix control)
  • ⌘ ↓ - Resize Selection (make larger - resize from south matrix control)
  • ⌘ → - Resize Selection (make larger - resize from east matrix control)
  • ⌘ ← - Resize Selection (make smaller - resize from east matrix control)
  • shift ⌘ ↑ - Same as ⌘ ↑ but with a big nudge.
  • shift ⌘ ↓ - Same as ⌘ ↓ but with a big nudge.
  • shift ⌘ → - Same as ⌘ → but with a big nudge.
  • shift ⌘ ← - Same as ⌘ ← but with a big nudge.


  • alt ⌘ ↑ / ⌘ ] - Move forward (up in z-index)
  • ctrl ⌘ alt ↑ / shift ⌘ ] - Bring to front (top z-index)
  • alt ⌘ ↓ / ⌘ [ - Move backward (down in z-index)
  • ctrl ⌘ alt ↓ / shift ⌘ [ - Send to back (bottom z-index)
  • shift ⌘ h - Toggle Hide Layer
  • shift ⌘ l - Toggle lock layer
  • ⌘ r - Rename layer (open layers panel and focus layer name input)
  • ⌘ g - Group layers
  • shift ⌘ g - Ungroup layers
  • shift tab - Select next highest layer in z-index
  • tab - Select next lowest layer in z-index
  • ⌘ f - Find layer by name (N/A yet)
  • fn ↑ - Select previous page
  • fn ↓ - Select Next Page

New Chat System:

  • You may have also noticed that we’ve changed the chat system. It all works same as before, you can send the files through it and it’s even cooler and better from the inside actually :) Our amazing support team: Julia, Dima and Kate are always happy to help you out or note down your feedback on Vectr.

Performance Improvements:

  • We’ve made a major restructuring of the backend of the application which has made the app even faster. Our product team is constantly working on smashing the small bugs and making the app work slick 🙌

Copy - Pasting Issue:

  • There used to be an issue with copy pasting the objects last week. We’re happy to let you know that it’s fixed now!
  • In the meanwhile, you’re most welcome to join our Facebook Vectr Community! We regularly post useful information and inspirational projects there.
  • We really hope designing with Vectr is easy and fun for you!


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-07-17
  • Developer: Vectr Labs Inc.
  • Homepage: vectr.com
  • Version: 0.1.16
  • File size: 28.29 MB
  • Downloads: 1,142
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • Filename: Vectr.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: efa8d34c8aad4cc1d402a98ed3b2507b