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Digital images have always been in the popular JPEG and PNG formats which are static and may not fully convey the photographer’s ideas. With GIFs, you can combine several static images to showcase more details in multiple frames. As the number of social media users continue to rise, brand influencers have started seeking better ways to keep their target audience entertained. The use of GIFs which tells a colorful story within a short time-frame is all you need. Free GIF Joiner provides a means for users to increase their social media engagement without hassles. 

How Can Free GIF Joiner Benefit PC Users?

Free GIF Joiner is a simple tool that can be used to merge multiple static images, as well as animated GIFs to produce a single output file. The supported static image file formats include JPG, BMP, and PNG. The software window features simple tools that appear as icons which are easy to navigate through. There is a dedicated icon for adding image files from your computer’s local drive and another for removing selected items from the list in the software display window.

Once files are imported, the file name, file extension, path, size (resolution), and frame count is displayed in the software window. Users can preview each selected file frame by frame on the side panel on the right. The preview window features playback controls that let you play all frames in quick succession or skip them. Free GIF Joiner lets users adjust the animation speed of the resulting file, making the frames to change faster or slower without affecting the original quality. You can also set the number of replay times for the new GIF file, as well as then enter the name of the output GIF file and output path. When creating GIFs with static image files, you can specify the display time for each frame before joining them.

Key Features of Free GIF Joiner Include:

  • Merge multiple static images and animated GIFs.
  • Supports several image file formats include JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG.
  • Displays the file name, file extension, path, size (resolution), and frame count for selected items.
  • Preview each selected file frame by frame.
  • Preview window features playback controls.
  • Adjust the animation speed of GIF files.
  • Maintains original quality of images.
  • Set the number of replay times for new GIF files.
  • Specify the name of the output GIF file and output path.
  • Configure the display time for each frame when using static images.


GIFs provide a lot of opportunities in advertising as you can show off great details in lesser time. With Free GIF Joiner, you can produce the right type of content to keep your audience engaged and always wanting more.

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