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If you work with 3D animations and designs, perhaps you’ve already noticed that multifunctional graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator don’t focus so much on 3D graphics. Luckily, there are many designated 8-bit model editors that include an interactive path tracing rendering.

MagicaVoxel is an intuitive 3D graphics editor with a simple but rich functionality. This software has quite an impressive color palette that corresponds to commercial and governmental standards - you can choose popular color schemes such as RGB or CMYK colors.

How Can MagicaVoxel Boost Your PC?

This editor allows you to create complex 3D models with simple toolsets. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, it has all the functionality laid out on the main screen. On the left panel, you can see the full-color palette and edit custom colors. On the right panel, there are layers, model folders, and shape manager.

You can create a model from scratch or upload a template from your storage. The models are easy to edit - you can select an object and change its shape, color, fill, shade, filters, and exposure. Also, this software includes a rendering engine which allows you to render a model right away.

On top of that, MagicaVoxel provides users with a wide variety of smart brushes and shape adjustments to choose from. If the tool’s built-in library doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can download custom brushes as well.

Also, the model can be mirrored, rotated, cropped. The same customizations work for all model effects such as colors, textures, shadows.

The tool’s interface is fully customizable. You can delete an unnecessary panel or add a new one if the work screen feels too cluttered. Also, MagicaVoxel has an impressive export functionality - it supports the most popular 3D graphics formats and is capable of processing a file in seconds.

The tool is available on all Windows versions and is completely free. You can always contact support in case there are any questions or look for additional insights on community forums.

MagicaVoxel Key Features Include:

  • Create 3D models in an intuitive 8-bit editor;
  • Customize an intuitive interface and create new panels and personalized menus;
  • A big built-in brush library with the possibility of uploading custom tools;
  • Set custom shortcuts to quickly navigate between functions;
  • Use pre-made templates and functionality presets;
  • Completely free usage.


MagicaVoxel is an intuitive 3D editor, focused on combining rich functionality with a responsive interface. All the features are clearly displayed on the main screen. On top of that, you can add and remove panels, customizing your workspace for efficient navigation. The tool has a huge built-in library of tools and templates which makes it one of the most multifunctional 3D editors on the market.

What's new in 0.99.4 version?

  • Matter->Cloud: Media material which supports multiple scattering inside volume.
  • Sample->MIS-GGX: Multiple Importance Sampling (MIS) for GGX surfaces (Metal/Plastic/Glass) for better reflection.
  • Sample->TR-Shadow: Tranlsucent Shadow which allows light passing though glass and cloud voxels. Only Glass->Attenuation can affect the light color.
  • can adjust Bounce->Diffuse/Specular/Scatter path depths separately.
  • can assign glass/cloud materials to sphere/cylinder shape voxels (for experiments only).
  • the renderer pipeline is refactored, which needs more time to improve, optimize and fix bugs.
  • some features such as fog scattering requires more researches.
  • frame drops and noises are expected.


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