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This software, first of all, is very similar to adobe photoshop and costs much less. Like with all serious photo editing software, it has a complicated user interface but it’s not anything that a user can’t learn in no time. The interface also boasts of an uncluttered UI, tone mapping, liquefy, and panoramas, making it quite beautiful. 

It has a 10-day trial period which you can access at any time you are ready to use the software.

How is Affinity Photo Useful 

The layers feature is at the top of the game with live filter effect, adjustment layers that are not disastrous, wonderful masking, selection refinement type tools, and vector drawing tools. 

This software can be used on an iPad. This a leading innovation because other versions of professional image editing softwares have watered down versions for the iPad or phone app, but affinity version is different, the iPad version has all the capabilities of the desktop version.

The red-eye removal tool is with this application powerful. It discovers red colouration in the pupil of the subject and instantly corrects it. 

When a RAW file is opened with this software, adjustments and corrections can be made to that image such as exposure correction and so on because it is imported into the developing persona. Once satisfied with these adjustments you can use other tools after developing the file. The image is then exported as a standard image such as GIF or saved as an .afphoto format. 

With affinity photo live previews you can see changes to your file before you finalize the changes.

Affinity photo supports a customizable toolbar which can allow you the user pick and choose the tools you want to be displayed on your toolbar. You can also customize the keyboard, panels and shortcuts. 

One of the cons is that there is no advanced search tool for you to be able to quickly locate a particular image. This makes it quite a chore for you to have to manually go through your images in order to locate the particular one you have in mind. You can’t also upload images directly to your social media handle or email, nor can you save photos directly at online galleries. 

Affinity photo supports JPG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PSD, GIF, RAW, and many other files. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, with a file size of 300.767MB(315,270,928 bytes).

This software is available in 9 languages which include English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese.

Affinity Photo features Include:

  • Red eye remover;
  • Pan and zoom at 60fps and higher;
  • Live tools;
  • Raw image format files processing;
  • Professional Colour space options;
  • Profile formats support;
  • Live previews;
  • Non-damaging editing;
  • Full set of 16-bit filters;
  • Customizable toolbar;
  • Customizable keyboard and shortcuts;
  • Customizable panels;
  • Sub-pixel precision and pixel-perfect snapping;
  • Image stitching;
  • Cropping selection;
  • Vector shape tools;
  • Drawing and painting tools;
  • Font effects;
  • Alpha compositing;
  • Optical aberration corrections;
  • Black point compensation;
  • batch processing;
  • Cloning stamps;
  • lens distortion correction;
  • Unlimited layers support;
  • Assistant button;
  • Optimization features;
  • Layers feature;
  • 360 degree image editing;
  • PSD export and import;
  • HDR merge.


This is a complete photo editing software with exceptional features and capabilities. It’s a perfect alternative to Adobe Photoshop and it costs much less.

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