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For several years, our phones were only capable of playing polyphonic ringtones in MIDI format. As technology improved, it became possible to record sounds in the WAV format for use as ringtones before AAC and MP3 and other formats became widely used. The MP3 digital music format became common due to the high-quality sounds produced in a compressed form. You get to enjoy your favorite songs on your portable digital device without exhausting the storage space. With the Free MP3 Cutter, you can further reduce the size of music tracks by removing unwanted sections from it.

How Can Free MP3 Cutter Benefit PC Users?

Free MP3 Cutter is a straightforward tool that can be used to trim your favorite audio files to the desired size. It only supports tracks that are in the MP3 format and can be installed on laptop and desktop computers that are running the Windows operating system. It has a simple interface with a few features that are displayed on the main program window making it easy to navigate. The working environment has two sliders that can be used to mark the start and end points when trimming an audio track. With the built-in music player, you can listen to selected songs before you start the cutting process.

Once the program is launched, begin the trimming operation by clicking the “Open” button which gives you access to the music files that are saved on your local hard drive or external thumb drive. Alternatively, you may use the "drag and drop" technique to open the desired file in the program. It only allows the processing of one file at a time. There are input fields and buttons that allow users to set start and end times in milliseconds. The “Play Selection” button allows you to preview the specified segment, which can be subsequently saved to a file on your hard drive using the “Save Selection” button. A waveform visualization of the audio file can be seen in the working environment while it plays. The duration of the entire track, as well as the selection length, is displayed on the home screen. Free MP3 Cutter is fast and ensures that the trimmed file maintains the same sound quality as the original track.

Free MP3 Cutter Key Features Include:

  • Trim your favorite audio files to the desired size.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Two sliders for marking the start and end points when trimming an audio track.
  • Built-in music player.
  • Import files from your local hard drive or external thumb drive.
  • Supports the "drag and drop" technique.
  • Input start and end times in milliseconds.
  • Preview the selected segment of an audio track.
  • Waveform visualization of playing tracks.
  • View the duration of the entire track as well as the selection length.
  • Maintains audio quality of original music file.
  • Save trimmed songs to file.


You can now extract your favorite lines from a song for use as ringtones or custom intro and outro music for slideshows and videos conveniently from your computer using Free MP3 Cutter. There is no expert computer knowledge that is required to start using this Windows software.

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