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Audio is a viable means of passing information as lots of people spend hours listening to audio messages from several devices on a daily basis. An audio file may contain unpleasant sounds or background noise which causes you to strain your ears when listening to it. The file has to be cleaned to ensure that the message is passed effectively enabling listeners to engage with the audio content.

Discovering that some of your recorded sounds have poor audio quality can be heartbreaking. Powerful audio control and sound manipulation tools will enable you to fix your recorded files adequately. Audacity offers a wide range of audio editing functionalities to help you create better sounds.

How Can Audacity be helpful?

Audacity is an open-source audio editing solution that can be used to manipulate sounds in various audio formats. It can be used to edit podcasts as well as record music with special sound effects which can be eventually mixed. It is easy to install and use with its unique GUI which contains several tabs and features. The Help menu contains a comprehensive list of instruction to enable you to understand how to use most of its features. This makes it possible for beginners to quickly get used to the intricacies of audio editing.

Audacity allows you to edit, export and import files in formats like WAV, FLAC, OGG and lots more. It supports the use of plugins for additional effects and functionalities with regard to audio spectrum analysis as well as sound recording and track mixing. You can also perform simple audio editing operations including drawing of audio data to remove clicks, cutting, pasting and deleting tracks. Audio files to be edited on Audacity are stored in a project format to enable you to resume from where you left off at any time. You can save a lossless copy of your project as a way of creating a backup to avoid data loss. It also has an auto-save feature to ensure that you do not lose unsaved changes as a result of power loss.

Audacity has a lot of themes that determine the appearance of its interface and individual waveform colorway. The Macros feature enables you to handle a lot of files that require similar operations automatically in a sequence. You can view all audio tracks in a virtual mixer board to enable you to make the required adjustments conveniently. The Spectrogram enables you to view and edit audio frequencies which are useful when cleaning up unwanted sounds. With Audacity, you can record sounds while connected to external equipment like mixers, open-reel tape decks, radios and lots more. Separate channels of audio can be recorded at the same time which can be synchronized together. 

Key Features of Audacity Include:

  • Multiple channel recording;
  • Copying sounds from external equipment;
  • Spectrogram which enables you to view and edit audio frequencies;
  • Macros feature for automation of tasks;
  • Virtual mixer board;
  • Auto-save feature;
  • Support for various audio formats;
  • Draw audio data to remove clicks;
  • Supports plugins.


Audacity comes with a lot of features to enable you to create and edit sounds that are clean and free of background noise in the desired format. You do not need to have a quiet sound studio but can begin recording at home without worrying about audio quality.

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