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What better way to assemble a music directory of the past, present and future music collection than through the use of a trusted database application that is simple, secure, safe, and reliable. This instinctive software solution called Music Collector as the name states is a unique applications solution provider software that can be used automatically to archive a user’s music collection without any complex procedure.

It has been described as a fantastic archiving music tool because it can store a limitless number of music albums and track songs. This easy to use and communicate solutions provider is specially designed for music lovers and enthusiast whole naturally has a music directory. With the advanced use of machines such as computers nowadays what better practical way to store files and data through the use of a CD database application.

Why is Music Collector Beneficial to PC users?

The software provider is easy to understand and the interface is clean and very friendly. Items save on audio CDs can easily be imported and extracted to a new and safe location like the music collector. On the interface, the upper toolbar has several functions and easily understood alphabetical filter bar for searching user’s collections. It also has a neat space on the application that can identify the CDs that have been inserted into the CD-ROM drive. 

Another way to access data on the music collector is to search for barcode, scan or type an artist name, title, label track, cover image and also the title of the CD you wish to extract from or download directly from the internet. Because of the applications access to the internet, users can easily purchase the tracks they want and inspect the covers of the disc to be purchased as well as the individual duration of the album.

When downloading ensure to register because unregistered users have limited albums of 100 collections and also a case of Nag screen may occur. The music collector can allow its users the ability to view their collections as a list in arranged multiple columns, you can also automatically group the artist and genre of album tracks in folders and finally, you can carry out a quick search on your collection if needed.  With a free CLZ cloud service, users are able to synchronize the music data amongst the mobile application, desktop software for PCs and the web application. 

Key Features of Music Collector Include:

  • It enables users to view the listed number of songs, music genre, the different artists, and also the length of the disk. It has a variety of view modes to select from when in need of an album.
  • You can easily add albums manually using a step by step add wizard.
  • For the advanced mode music collector, you have unlimited of albums and tracks collected, items added can be edited to the users liking with the use of the edit screen as well as customizing a personal data.
  • MP3 files data can be imported from another collector called the MP3 companion program.
  • There and more details as follows, for the available data fields, such as live, UPC, country, studio, tourname, rare, recording datemono/stereo, and few other extras.
  • The music software is compatible with the mobile app for phones and tablets, desktop software for Macs and Pcs, and complete cloud base.
  • Please note a user can install on multiple phones and devices, the phones require a built-in barcode scanner and camera so an android device with such features is good to go. However, for PCs and Macs, a free CLZ barry scanner application is required.
  • For the phones, all the data will be stored on it, same for computer and CLZ Cloud. With the web-app, you have easy access to login and use from any computer of your choice.

Summary Music Collector is a productive tool for users with a large music collection. Whether experienced or inexperienced, customers and interested users should not and will not have troubles while working with this program provider, and this is as a result of its simplicity. The software higher version is equally available for purchase with strong customer support. It can also be used for cataloging of a book and other compatible systems data and finally, reviews from feedback indicate it can be used for years.

What's new in 19.3.2 version?


  • Edit Multiple could change Collection Status of selected albums to “Not in Collection”
  • “Added Date” field could be entered wrong when syncing


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