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Palm desktop by ACCESS is software that has been created to enable palm device users to synchronize information with their computers. It is a highly simplified set of applications that serve as a link between the palm device and the computer, synchronizing Calendars and events, Contacts, Tasks, Notes or Memos, and installing your palm using the Quick Install feature. 

Using categories such as business, personal, or any other user-defined category, Palm Desktop can categorize a lot of information. It can be used by numerous users and can store their information separately, which means that several palm users can synchronize their data with the same computer.

Why Should You Use Palm Desktop?

Palm Desktop makes it possible for your computer and your Palm handheld to work seamlessly together. With it, you will be able to view, edit, organize, and backup your data. The software provides 1:1 mirroring of data on Palm OS handhelds. You can enter, print, import, and export your data from your desktop operating system. It can also act as a window to the handheld, pulling in information from resources on the desktop or even the internet. Palm Desktop is in synchronization with the Palm Pilot, Palm m100 handheld, Palm III series, Palm V series, Palm VII series, and Palm m500 series and handhelds. 

Palm Desktop is a great personal information manager that can be used alone or in combination with a Palm OS personal assistant. It also ships with all current Palm devices, and it has the ability to synchronize with a range of devices through the use of Palm’s HotSync software. Palm Desktop can synchronize the Palm device using a serial cable, USB Cable, Bluetooth, or Modem. 

The software also offers excellent security features to protect your valuable information, such as ‘Hide or Mask Records.’ You are allowed to configure a password so that your information is kept completely confidential. With the AutoSave feature, your information will be saved automatically, and it can be restored to your palm device, be it old or new. The software is available for free and can be used as a standalone application on personal computers. 

Palm Desktop adds registry entry for the current user, which will allow the program to start each time it is rebooted automatically. Relative to the overall usage of users who have the software installed on their PCs, most are running Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows Vista (SP2). The software features a clean user interface, useful new views, timesaving features, and a resizable memo window. Additionally, it has top-notch security and new ways to send, receive, and share appointments, and address book information. It also offers a variety of desktop alarms, in-place memo editing, expense tracking as well as new ways to customize your launcher bar. To install the software, first download Palm Desktop by ACCESS, run the installer and select ‘Complete Install. After installation, synchronization Setup will launch. Enter a name for your device and then select Palm Desktop as your Sync Service. Exit the Installer and then right-click on the Palm Desktop icon and select “Run as Administrator’ to allow it to write registry settings. To stop HotSync from starting every time you reboot: right-click the Window’s Start button> Select ‘Task Manager’ and select the ‘Startup Tab.’ Then highlight ‘HotSync,’ click on ‘disable.’

To ensure the smooth operation of the software, it is important that supported Palm Devices are connected to a computer where an installation of Palm Desktop is available. By default, the Sync feature is started as soon as the deployment of the product is completed. It can be set in such a way that it affects only the areas that you want, such as media content, to-do lists, and so on. After installation, the first thing you might come across on the software is the ‘Tasks’ section with which you can explore scheduled events in various views such as day, week, month, and year. Similarly, you can navigate media files, to-do lists as well as memos, keeping in mind that each of them will offer management possibilities, meaning you can add new items and remove or edit existing ones. 

Another compelling feature of this handy and reliable software is the fact that it supports multiple accounts, which means that several palm devices can be controlled and synchronized from the same interface, and you can switch between profiles in just a couple of clicks. The software is 100% clean to download, certified, and contains no spyware, adware, or viruses. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as Mac OS/Mac OS X, and it contains four main modules that correspond to the four main modules of the original Palm Pilot, they are contacts, calendar information, tasks, and notes. 

Key Features of Palm Desktop Include:

  • Notes, for reference materials, memoranda or journal entries
  • Tasks sortable by priority, date or category in tasks list. 
  • Calendar information as discrete or repeating appointments
  • Contacts, analogous to index cards in a Rolodex card file or address book
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent security features
  • Step-by-step Installation/Configuration
  • Hide/Show/Mask Records
  • View, sort, edit, find and backup


Palm Desktop by ACCESS is targeted at Palm users looking to back up information on their device and keep it up to date with the help of the Sync feature, notwithstanding your location. The software requires 250MB available hard disk space, one available USB port, and cable for synchronization, Palm devices: Palm Centro; Treo 755p, 700p, 680, 650; Palm TX, Z22; Tungsten E2.

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