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iPhone Care Pro, developed by Tenorshare, is a perfect example of software that contains almost all useful functions for working with your Apple device.  Using iPhone Care Pro, you can easily manage files on your gadget and keep it clean from different junk files.

iPhone owners sometimes have to handle issues that people who have Android mobile phones do not even know about. You can completely manage your Android phone on the very phone, but you may need some additional applications and programs to manage an iPhone. iTunes can serve as an example of such an application, which is capable of managing different files on an iPhone. However, unfortunately, iTunes is far from ideal, as the application is slow and has many unnecessary functions, which make the program difficult to use in some cases. Besides, every now and then, iTunes cannot recognize your Apple device connected to the PC. To avoid such issues and help you manage your Apple device, Tenorshare have made iPhone Care Pro, which is a very useful application for working with your gadget that is an iPhone, an iPod, or an iPad). iPhone Care Pro can remove different junk files from your iPhone and help you manage your iPhone more easily and in a more convenient way. This will free up storage space on your device and boost your device's running speed. You can also back up and restore your gadget data.

Why Use IPhone Care Pro

iPhone Care Pro is an excellent tool to organize and manage your files and data. Using it, you can work with notes, contacts, calendars, and media files. You can transfer all mentioned data and files to your computer in a few clicks. Moreover, iPhone Care Pro protects your privacy by removing cache, browsing history, and browser cookies. It is very important because such traces threaten your privacy and can be used by third parties for various reasons. Using iPhone Care Pro, you can also restore your phone. If your device has any problems operating due to no technical reason, the application can be of great help in fixing the problem. Should iTunes run incorrectly, you can back up and restore your gadget with iPhone Care Pro. Moreover, Iphone Care Pro is securing your privacy by deleting cache, Internet history and browser cookies. It is very important because such traces are threatening your privacy and can be used by third parties for various reasons. 

Also, with IPhone Care Pro you can bring your phone back to life. If your device is facing any problems in performing and it is not technical reason, this application, with a very high possibility, will help to solve the issue. In a case of incorrect work of ITunes, you have the opportunity to back up and restore your gadget with IPhone Care Pro.  

Key features and functions:

  • File manager. You can manage and organize all files via iPhone Care Pro.
  • Junky files and cache cleaner. You can  free up space on your device and speed it up.
  • Backup and restore functions. If your iTunes does not run properly or correctly – you can quickly and easily back up and restore your gadget.
  •  Restoration. If you cannot use your iPhone in its entirety due to software problems, iPhone Care Pro will help you to bring your iPhone back to life.


iPhone Care Pro by Tenorshare is a unique combination of useful features to have Apple devices running.  It will not take you much time to get used to this software, as iPhone Care Pro is easy to use and has a highly user-friendly interface.  If you use an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod, you should try iPhone Care Pro so that you can use Apple device effortlessly and conveniently.

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