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One Click Root is software mostly used by users to root android devices by adding more features to their device and also for the general maintenance of the device. There are many features in which One Click Root unlocks for Android users. For users not to lose or damage the device, one click backs up your files before rooting the device. Because of this, it reduces the risk for the users. It is user-friendly as it guides you in performing the task through a wizard. What the software does is that it connects the device, identifies the device, updates it, and then backs it up before rooting the device.

The software does this rooting on Android devices with minimum battery percentage of 25% and with the aid of USB cable. In case you encounter problems rooting your device with the software, you can also speak with the root expert by clicking on the need help rooting button to live chat with the root expert. 

If the model or version of your phone does not match its requirements, it will give a warning message telling that the rooting process might not be successful and that the task you want to take is at your own risk. When you see a message like this, it is best to close the software and exit it before it would damage your device. Even while rooting your device, if you encounter any problem, you can also unroot the device after rooting it.

How is One Click Root Beneficial for PC Users?

With One Click Root software, you can get access to the application that was not compatible to your android device, and you can also get a custom ROM installed to your device, and you can have access to new features that your device did not formally have access to. If your battery has been giving you issues, you can also have access to install battery-saving applications that can help improve your battery life.

One Click Root software solves the problem of most android users who keeps complaining of low space memory, slow processing speed, and also problems of backing up their files. Many android users also like their devices to have specific fonts in which they like, the software gives them the liberty to do that quickly and without stress. Many android users should be smiling now because the software is really what most of them have been waiting for. 

Also, the software gives you the freedom of getting custom features like getting access to different fonts. Also, for people that use hotspot a lot, One Click Root software gives you access to free Wi-Fi. It also gives you access to features like changing the lock screen and the logo when your android device is booting.

There are times where your android device really takes time to load and perform a particular task, with one click software, you can remove bloat wares that make the usage of the RAM and CPU high, when this bloatware is removed, your device would have high and fast performance as if you bought a new device with a higher RAM.

The software also allows you to customize your ROM size, and this also helps in making your device function faster and perform a different task quickly. You can also use the software to back up your files. It also allows you to unroot the device if you are not comfortable with the device after rooting it.

Key Features of One Click Root Include:

  • It is user-friendly.
  • Ability to lay your complaints to the root expert in case you encounter any.
  • It can be easily connected to the android device with a USB device.
  • It can customize installed fonts to your own choice.
  • Anyone can use it because of the wizard that directs you on whatever step to take.
  • It uses a minimum of 25% battery percentage so that the device does not go off while the rooting process is still on.
  • Nice and simple user interface. 
  • It can identify your android device easily. 
  • It provides a satisfactory experience for users.
  • It works just with a click.
  • Only an Android device and a USB cable are needed for connection.
  • It gives access to its latest updates.
  • It has the ability to uproot at any time. 
  • It roots faster.
  • It protects devices from being damaged while rooting. 
  • The software is free for use.
  • Easy to install.


One Click Root gives you access to many tools and applications that would help you enjoy your android device and also make your device features look nice and exceptional. Most of the features that were not found in your phone can be installed and used easily and quickly, thereby allowing you to enjoy your android experience. You can customize the fonts to your preferred one, increase the speed of your android speed by increasing your RAM and lowering CPU usage. It is really nice software to use for most android users that are not really getting the features and results they want from their android device.

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