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Microsoft office suite is the collective title for Microsoft set of applications used in the home and business environment. Office 16 update is not a major overhaul; most of its core apps are still in place. The main focus of office 16 is on refining the user experience, file sharing, and connecting multiple devices for a more cohesive experience. 

Despite being a desktop suite, Microsoft Office enables users to extend their work to the cloud. Hence, the cloud provides storage, accessibility, protection against data loss, data security, and control. With the office online, users can view, update, and share important work files and also work collaboratively in real-time.

How Can Microsoft Office 16 Improve Productivity?

Some of the ways Office 16 can help the user be productive is through real-time co-authoring, which means you'll be able to see what other collaborators are doing and vice versa. It won't matter where you see or what device you're using — simplified document sharing by clicking the share button in the top right corner of the application. Clutter for Outlook is a new category added to your inbox toolbox to help users manage their emails efficiently, assigning priority to the clutter. 

It's well-known that this tool is a desktop or pc application which can be found either in the windows store for windows users, office official website, or third-party websites. If you have any other version of the Microsoft Office suite, you need to remove it before installing Office 2016. This will help in avoiding multiple conflicts. After downloading the installer, the installation wizard will guide you through the steps. When the installation is complete go programs file to see the complete office suite. 

The Microsoft suite of programs contains Microsoft Word, a word processing tool to create documents; Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application to store, organize and manipulate data; Microsoft PowerPoint used for creating interactive presentations; Microsoft outlook, used to manage email and calendar, to-do lists and contacts, Microsoft Access a database management tool, Microsoft OneNote a note-taking application to organize data you collect, Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing application to create extensive publication. Microsoft OneDrive a cloud-based service to store data online. Microsoft Office 16 supports language localization. 

Some of the drawbacks associated with Microsoft Office 16 will include sharing options restricted to OneDrive, no major update for an average user, real-time collaboration still behind online tools. It will be great if these concerns are taken into consideration for even higher productivity. 

Key Features of Microsoft Office 16 Include:

  • Additional ribbon buttons in Outlook: users can add new buttons to your ribbon such as groups, also the archive button is used to archive items with a single click.
  • "Tell me what you want to do" is a smart lookup tool used as the search box to search the application quickly.
  • Enhanced collaboration in Word and PowerPoint, users can add comments and share with ease. The comment and share icon can be found at the top right corner of the page above the ribbon.
  • The Mentions feature is found in outlook 2016. Users can find names in their contact list by using the @ symbol and first few letters of contact name when sending mail or calendar invitation. You can also sort your inbox with Mentions.
  • Activity Button is used to check previous versions of a document in PowerPoint swiftly.
  • New and improved connection options.
  • In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can Publish to because this feature is available across multiple programs.
  • Publish to Power BI.
  • In MS word users can select Researcher from the toolbar and the search for the topic in the sidebar. when the result displays, users can choose what they want, add headings to start their outline and cite the source directly from the researcher tool.
  • Suggest a feature in Outlook if you have a great idea by clicking the feedback button. Users will be redirected to outlook suggestion Box, where they can vote and submit their own ideas.
  • Users can now use the Text highlighter feature in PowerPoint similar to Word. This is a long-overdue feature which makes some part of users work really stands out.
  • With the help of Zoom for PowerPoint, this feature helps users to navigate to different slides and sections of your presentation quickly. You can also have a summary view of your presentation.
  • You stay informed since you are always in the loop of things. With the what's new feature, users can see the latest features while your application is still open.
  • A colorful new look and better sharing, this is the most apparent change to Microsoft office 16. The overall styling has been improved, colors are now splashed across the title bar and ribbon menu via the colorful default theme.


With a few significant changes, it means everything still looks familiar. Users will profit significantly from the better-quality themes, smart lookup, and enriched excel charts. Gradually yet unquestionably, Microsoft Office is making enormous strides towards a progressively community-oriented method for working dependent on cloud administrations, fully-synced multiple devices, permanent access to your documents, and comfortable and safe document sharing capabilities. Microsoft Office 2016 is just one more of these steps that are significantly changing not only the tools we use but also how we conceive our interaction with them.

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