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Matplotlib is an extensive codebase tool for Python that enables the creation of quality figures, plots, histograms, bar charts, error charts, etc. Without such a tool, it takes a few hours of coding to create similar objects - Matplotlib allows a developer to go by with as much as a few lines of code. The features of the program can satisfy the demands of both beginning and professional developers. All the basic features can be accessed with a simple, MATLAB-based interface. In order to harness the tool’s full power, one can have full control over line styles, axes, and font properties.

How Can Matplotlib Boost Your PC?

There’s a variety of hard copy formats supported by Matplotlib. You can display a quality figure in an interactive cross-platform environment. The program has a wide range of applications - web application servers, Python and iPython shells, and graphical toolkits. Though Matplotlib is initially created as a 2D library, a user can enhance its performance with 3D plotting, axes, and axis helpers. The functionality of Matplotlib has been used to build multiple third-party packages - projection and mapping toolkits as well as high-level plotting interfaces.

Matplotlib offers an extensive list of tutorials and documentation. These articles explain when to use plotting, walk a developer through the anatomy of the figure, and lay out the basics of the process. As Matplotlib has a wide range of features and is challenging in navigation, an above-average skill of tech proficiency is expected from users. Matplotlib developers have created a list of APIs to improve and broaden the feature range of the tool. Moreover, you can get additional assets by signing up to official mailing lists, visiting a Matplotlib Stack Overflow tag, or a dedicated gitter channel.

Matpotlib Main Features:

  • Two APIs that increase the functionality of the tool - the pyplot API and the object-oriented API;
  • Over 50 plotting commands;
  • Advanced colors, text, and toolkit support;
  • Full control over quality figures;
  • An active community of developers.


Matpotlib is a Python-based software with a MATLAB-styled interface for Windows that provides developers with basic and advanced plotting tools and allows sharing quality figures across various platforms. The tool has dozens of packages and assets that can be used to improve the development process and remove unnecessary challenges.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-08-08
  • Developer: The matplotlib Development Team
  • Homepage: matplotlib.org
  • Version: 1.4.3
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