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Loomeo is a universal software for the acquisition, visualization and evaluation of complex systems. Due to the methodical conception of the software there are no restrictions to model absolutely any system - independent of its size, dynamic or complexity. Loomeo is based on Structural Complexity Management methods and enables therefore a new and until now expertized way of interacting with complex systems. Loomeo's innovative features have been practical proven and convinced users through its intuitive design and the easy access to underlying propositions of complex systems. Loomeo users can easily capture every system into a Multiple-Domain-Matrix. Single domains of the system's elements and different types of relations and dependencies can be systematically submitted. After the information has been captured, users are able to improve their understanding of the system by intuitive tools and features provided by Loomeo. Further features like analyses or filtering empower users to reliable decision-making in complex environments. Basically every Loomeo user is confronted with similar challenges: Working with complex systems leads to difficulties which can hardly be overcome by applying conventional methods. High risk in leadship due to loss of transparency, loss of flexibility, inefficiency, incapability of decision-making and other negative effects cripple projects and companies of all industries. Loomeo enables you to control complex systems and takes you another step ahead your competitors.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-13
  • Developer: Teseon
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  • Version: 2.8
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