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The factor of weather undoubtedly affects the way we go about our daily lives. It’s one thing to plan ahead of time with knowledge of how the weather is, and a completely different ballgame, to get surprised. It’s only less than smart never to consider the weather factor when planning your day or a vacation.

With desktop applications like WeatherBug, there is no excuse to act shocked when it gets chilly outside while you are dressed to the teeth in summer clothes.

How is WeatherBug Beneficial?

For starters, it has all the essential features to help you understand the weather conditions of your locality. It can also be configured to predict the weather conditions of nearby cities, as well as countries of other continents.

The user-interface is one of the reasons this application has proven useful. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge or skills to understand how to navigate this software correctly. Also, it’s suitable for users of all ages without any steep learning curve.

The application is updated frequently to show what the current weather condition is outside. It also displays the current Dew Point, Humidity, Pressure, Sunrise, and Sunset. There is a fascinating feature that shows what the weather ‘Feels like,’ this way, you have an understanding of the accuracy of the predictions.

More than just predicting the weather conditions for a particular day, users also enjoy a 10-day weather forecast, which is more than similar software offer. You also have access to hourly forecasts as well a more detailed breakdown of the weather forecasts.

At the top left corner of the main screen, you can change the location to wherever you like, and you will still receive the structure as mentioned earlier of weather predictions in that location. While on the top right side of the screen, there are three icons for settings, notifications, and adding new locations.

Under Settings, users can easily customize the appearance of their display, send feedback to the developers in case of crashes or bugs, as well as access the frequently asked questions to understand better how to make the most of the software. You can also read about the team of developers as well as news articles of the application.

With the Notification button, users can edit/adjust the Units of measurements, enable or disable alert sound, and allow the application to launch at startup. You can add and manage multiple locations simultaneously with live updates of the weather conditions of those places.

WeatherBug is more than just a daily weather forecasting application, as it can do so much more. If you click on the three ‘dots and three horizontal lines’ icon which is located next to the ‘home’ icon, you will see more features. Apart from the Weather feature, you have Maps, Severe Weather, Love Cams, Photos & Videos, Lifestyle, and Travel.

The Maps feature offers access to possible allergies in a location, drought, flu activity, hurricane tracker, lightning, and radar. You can set each element on ‘enabled’ to get notified if anything unusual is happening.

Key Features of WeatherBug Include:

  • Current weather forecasts;
  • Access to live cam of specified locations;
  • Add and manage multiple places at once;
  • Daily weather reports; including High and Lows temperatures, Dew Point, Humidity, Pressure, Sunrise, and Sunset;
  • Weather forecasts of up to 10 days ahead;
  • Access to Maps and Radars;
  • Severe weather reports;
  • Hurricane tracker;
  • Weather news and updates;
  • You can personalize the appearance;
  • Real-time predictions on what the weather ‘Feels like’;
  • Receive notifications on the weather based on locations;
  • View historical statistics of hurricanes;
  • Send feedback to developers;
  • Adjust the units of measurements;
  • Enable sound alert;
  • You can allow this application to launch at the computer’s startup. 


WeatherBug has everything you need for sound knowledge on the current weather predictions. You can add as many locations as you wish and manage them simultaneously from this application. You also can receive notifications based on various areas. The settings are customizable, and the user interface is easy to grasp, even by beginning PC users.

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