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This Windows Desktop application is perfect for carrying out various Horoscope readings, as well as for MatchMakings. It doesn’t require a steep learning curve to understand how it works.

Although the user interface of Kundli is not the most friendly ones out there, it does its job well enough to cover up for this minor design flaw.

Why is Kundli Helpful for Windows PC Users?

Firstly, the application is straightforward to install without the need to configure much during its setup process. While this software is ideal for astrologers or astrology students, basically, anyone without in-depth knowledge in astrology can quickly understand how it functions.

This application has two primary aims; for MatchMaking and Horoscope. As for MatchMaking readings and predictions, this software has an extensive set of features for relationships, marriages, and so on.

MatchMaking Calculations

To make the most of this MatchMaking services, you have to input specific parameters for both the persons. If it’s a boy and a girl, then you have boxes for names, sex, birth date, birth time, time zone, birthplace(including the zip code), as well as war/summer time correction. For the most part, these are all the inputs you need to carry out a MatchMaking calculation for one couple.

However, you have other options to choose from if you wish for more accurate readings and calculations. These options are Ayanamsa, Charting, Rahu/Ketu, Language, and others. After all these inputs, you can decide to preview your results before printing out or merely printing out directly without a preview.

Horoscope Calculations

Regarding the horoscope readings, Kundli uses specific parameters to determine what your Horoscope says. You will be required to insert personal details into the relevant boxes on the screen.

The application requires information, such as your name, sex, birthdate, birth time, time zone, birthplace, and war/summer time correction. You are also asked to fill in some basic details, like father’s name, mother’s name, grandfather’s name, as well as gotra.

Just as with the MatchMaking service, this one also provides you with the option of including more details for more precise calculations. These options include Ayanamsa, charting, Rahu/Ketu, language, Yogini Pratyantar, and Varshphal.

After providing the above information accurately, you can go ahead and click on the Preview button to see your calculations and Horoscope before printing out. Kundli supports various file formats, like JPG, PDF, BMP in saving your results.

It’s worthy of note that although this application uses astrological knowledge to make its predictions and calculations, there is still room for possible error.

Key Features of Kundli Include:

  • Easy to understand user interface;
  • MatchMaking calculations;
  • Horoscope readings;
  • Supports PDF, JPG, and BMP file formats.


Overall, Kundli is a handy and fun desktop application for making near-perfect MatchMaking and Horoscope readings and calculations. It’s pretty straightforward to install, and you can print out or save your results in multiple file formats.

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