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With the advent of the internet, a lot has become possible in the area of networking and communication, as information has become readily available to everyone. You can easily share knowledge and ideas with anyone from different parts of the world. A lot has become easier in the past few decades as portable devices like smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and smart TVs have now become internet-enabled. They can also send and receive data from the internet through a wireless connection. With Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can share your live internet connection with multiple devices.

How Can Wi-Fi Hotspot Benefit PC Users?

Wi-Fi Hotspot is a handy tool that can be used to create a wireless network which gives internet access to other connected devices. Although it allows for the connection of several devices simultaneously, it is recommended that the number of connections is kept small so that the network speed remains unchanged. The program has a simple interface with all adjustable parameters displayed in a single window. This improves its ease of use as you do not need to go searching through a software menu nor tinker with advanced configuration options.

Once launched, you would need to create a Hotspot Name of your choice and a password of eight characters to proceed. There are the “Start” and “Stop” buttons that can be used to enable or disable the wireless network. The “Start Previous” button allows you to restore the last hotspot that was created using the same credentials, enabling your devices to detect and connect easily without having to re-enter the password.

The status bar below displays the connection report, whether the network was started or stopped. There is a panel on the right which displays a list of connected devices and a refresh button for reloading the list. It also comes with a help button that links you to the software guide on the manufacturer’s website through your default web browser.

There are no advanced features like viewing the network information of connected devices, nor removing a client from the list.

Key Features of Wi-Fi Hotspot Include:

  • Create a wireless network with internet connectivity.
  • Connect several devices simultaneously.
  • Simple interface with all adjustable parameters displayed in a single window.
  • Choose your preferred Hotspot Name and Password.
  • Enable or disable the wireless network at will.
  • Restore the last hotspot that was created using the same credentials.
  • View the connection report on the status bar.
  • Displays a list of connected devices.
  • Direct link to the software guide on the manufacturer’s website with a single click.


Wi-Fi Hotspot makes it possible for you to conveniently establish a wireless network on your computer for sharing internet access with your portable devices. No advanced computer knowledge is required to get the best out of this computer program.

What's new in 2.7 version?

  • Major bug fixes and optimization


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