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NETGEAR Genie software is a simple way to control and handle your home network, all stored in one program. You can use your smartphone to control everything related to media in your home. Apart from this, you can also print anything from your iPhone or iPad with AirPrint and observe the entire device using this application. 

In addition to using your home network, this software allows you to have access to different router features using your mobile devices such as guest access, network map, wireless settings, parental controls, My media, traffic metering, and many more. With the new interface of this program operating your router is fun. 

How Can NETGEAR Genie Help You?

This tool supports one sign-on feature that permits you to use only a single set of login credentials for all accounts that are related to NETGEAR. Due to this, you can connect, monitor, and control your home network from a smartphone or tablet. With this tool, you can have the opportunity to share video or music, repair and diagnose network issues, organize parental controls, and among others.

It eases you of the stress and makes you utilize every aspect of your home network. When using this application, you can be guaranteed Genie features that come from the cloud. As the day goes by, the home user’s network is becoming more complicated and performing more tasks compared to what they have done in time past such as BitTorrenting, managing online games, streaming media, etc.

The basic requirements of such particular tasks demand vendors to convey strong networking products to the markets and also make them simple for different home users to manage and control. Different vendors such as D-Link, Cisco, Belkin, and also NETGEAR, are using Genie to make several devices simple to use and control in a home network.

Initially, when you arrange this software, part of the first set setup process will ask you to know whether you want to download the Desktop Genie. This is also a normal procedure with the latest devices of NETGEAR Genie, such as R6300 and Centria. When you install this application, a shortcut is being generated on your mobile phone. By clicking open, it brings you to the homepage of this program.

There are different six panels you have to click on to obtain numerous configuration options such as Router settings, parental controls, WiFi connection, Internet, ReadyShare, and Network map. For the router setting panel, you can click on “Router settings”, there are different tabs for controlling the traffic meter tab and controlling guest access which you can switch on.

This meter shows you information about the traffic of your network, such as traffic download for an exacting period. While using this program, you can choose to allow the data to appear as average instead of appearing in full. Another tab permits you to download firmware. When you click the tab, you will find new firmware for your device, including an R6300 router that will be detected. Then you can click again to verify the upgrade, and then you will be taken to web-based GUI for you to log in. 

Inside the GUI, a message will pop out to show that there is a new firmware, and from there, you can click “yes” to upgrade it. After the upgrade, while using this application, you can enjoy more features of this program. Several tasks can be done with this tool, the basic one which allows you to stream on the home network to different users such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. 

There are other additional options in this software, such as managing wireless WiFi networks, display of several uploads, network auditing tools, and download speeds. The interface of NETWORK Genie is easy to understand with several large buttons. One of the key things to know about this tool is principally a Windows application, which has the largest part of the features that are available on the interface of the router’s web.

Al in all, NETGEAR Genie is basically a Windows application that provides access to most of the features available from the router’s web interface. In terms of compatibility, the monitoring software for the network may vary but can run well under Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, etc.

Key Features of NETGEAR Genie Include:

  • Control and manages all your devices and network.
  • Simple Genie dashboard.
  • Streaming of video and music files.
  • Securely connected smartphones with scan QR codes.
  • Presence of WiFi Analytics.
  • Supports for Cable and DSL modem routers.
  • Fast, compatible printing from an iPhone or iPad.
  • Manual AP login.
  • Addition of reboot router function.
  • Improvement of turbo transfer.
  • Display the name of a connected wireless network.
  • Fixing of several bugs.
  • Presence of Traffic map and Network map.


NETGEAR Genie application provides some abilities over the Web GUI, such as real-time supervising of the home network and organizing up printing to countless iOS devices. You can also gain access to several routers that you have in mind and also media files.

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