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Every now and then we all get caught up in all the unlimited fun and exciting stuff on YouTube so much that you are tempted to want to download some of your favorite contents at least – even though the service outright does not support downloading of any of the available content. However, this has been the case for decades now as the company has blatantly refused to give ears to the pleas of her several users. As such concerned developers have had to come up with third party solutions with which users can download any of their favorite YouTube content, including videos and audio files. Some of them even allow users to convert the downloaded files to their preferred file formats, add tweaks, and so on. One of such incredible problem-solving tools is the ‘YouTube Video and Music Downloader’ application with which you can seamlessly download all of your favorite YouTube content.

YouTube Video and Music Downloader is a simple and reliable software for all of YouTube Faithfull’s. The application allows users to download and save all of your favorite YouTube content to your computer device. It also has the ability to convert any or all of your downloaded files into various audio or video file formats including mp4, mp3, wav, m4a, etc; these files can be played comfortably both on your computer device as well as several other devices including smartphones, iPods, etc. the program comes with a ton of several other intuitive features that makes the entire process a lot easier.

How Can ‘YouTube Video and Music Downloader’ Help You Save all your Favorite YouTube Content?

This application has a beautiful modern user interface that is not only beautiful to look at but also goes a long way to help make things easier for all users, especially first-timers. Because of its neatly organized layouts, you can easily and quickly set up YouTube content downloads; all you have to do is simply copy the YouTube video’s URL to the clipboard, and then allow the software to automatically paste it into the corresponding dedicated field by clicking on the “+ Paste URL” button. Afterward, the download of your file will only take a few seconds.

As soon as you might have inputted the corresponding URL successfully, the application begins the download process instantly. By default, downloaded files are saved in .mp4 file format. However, you have the option of selecting a different output file format to work with just before you click on the “+ Paste URL” button. Also, you can specify the output location of your saved file if you do not want the application to save the file directly to its default file destination.

One other useful feature which this application offers is the ability to control the download progression of whatever file you may be downloading. For instance; you can pause the download process at any time, and then resume whenever you wish to. You can also save your current project and resume the task later on. To this effect, the application itself notifies you that you can save your current download project, or close the application (which will result in you clearing the transfer list).

As far as supported output file types are concerned, this application supports video, audio, and flash video file types; while the application is in the process of downloading a file, it can automatically convert files to mp3, mp4, WebM videos, 3gp videos, or FLV file format. One other noteworthy characteristic of this application is in its ability to download HP movies or 1080p videos without losing the original quality of the file or its format (in a situation where downloading is difficult, you can choose between the available preset options).

As for system requirements for this software, you will need an internet connection and .NET framework 4.5. Basically, and you should be fine.

Key Features of YouTube Video and Music Downloader Include:

  • Simple, attractive user interface.
  • Application is easy-to-use.
  • Does the job 4x faster.
  • Supports HD video downloads including 1080p, 720p, and other high-quality video types.
  • The application supports playlist download.
  • Support for high-quality mp3 music files.
  • Support for pause and resume during downloads.
  • Free version available.
  • Support for multiple file types.
  • Automatic clipboard/download action.


Youtube Video And Music Downloader is a brilliant application that is capable of serving effectively as a reliable virtual assistant for downloading and saving a wide range of YouTube’s content. The application supports original downloads of a vast array of high-quality videos and music or audio files from YouTube including HD files of 1080p, 720p, mp4, mp3, etc. Also, you can convert your downloaded files to your preferred file format quickly and easily. The system requirements are quite minimal, allowing for the application to be accessible across a wider range of platforms.

What's new in version?

  • Bug fixes, more stable.


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