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If you think of Instagram, think of it as a large online, open photo library. The application is a simple and effective way to capture images and share them on your social network. This large mobile social platform has grown a tremendous deal over the years, and it gained so much popularity that the company created a Windows version of the application. 

The Windows version of the application can do the same things the mobile app can, with a few limitations. 

Why is Instagram for Windows Useful?

With this application, new and avid users of the mobile application get to use the application on a larger platform with larger windows. The Instagram application on the Windows platform makes it easier for users to use the social media platform. The application has major features also entailed in the mobile application. Users can view, like and comment on Instagram pictures and videos on the Windows app, it also allows users to view Instagram stories. 

That’s not all, but the application also allows users to track specific hashtags and places so users can have a real-time look at events going on. The explore tab is also accessible on the Windows version, and users can search for usernames, hashtags, people’s actual names and locations. 

While there are a lot of things the application can do, there are a few things the Windows application on Instagram cannot do. For example, the application doesn’t let users upload pictures on the platform, or interact with Instagram stories, or even capture pictures for uploads on the site. The application also doesn’t support direct messaging which is a feature on the mobile application that lets users send private messages to one another.

The interface of the Instagram on Windows application is simple and scrollable, taking the likes of the application on the mobile device but also drawing inspiration from the Facebook-style feed. This feed style on the platform lets users view photo and video uploads on the Window’s version of the platform. On the Windows application, the photo presentation is clear and neat, with the comments and likes situated beneath the picture. However, when users click on a picture, they are redirected to another window where the comments are displayed in full by the side. Users can comment and even like photos with the click of an icon. While the Instagram feed appears on a wider screen on the Windows platform, it, however, doesn’t show pictures full screen. 

Instagram on Windows works well with all website browsers, some of which are Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and others. Usually, downloading an updated web browser is advised so users can get full features and capabilities of the application. 

Finally, just like any other social media platform, users have to be careful when using this platform. This is because there could be a number of security issues that can occur on the platform. Issues like bullying, cyber harassment, etc. However, the application provides precautions to assuage these issues as best as they can.

Key Features of Instagram on Windows Include:

  • Stories. On the application, users can watch Instagram stories from their social circle. They can also be viewed at users own pace.
  • It also has a full search, explores, profile and feed feature.
  • Notification. There is also the option to send notifications to you on the Windows application. Users don’t have to be using the application to get relevant pop-up notifications.
  • Posting and editing photos and videos. Users can post and edit photos and videos on the Windows platform. However, users need to know that this is a feature only available on tablets and PCs with a touch screen and a backward facing camera.
  • ‘View all’ feature. This feature allows users to view all stories from their family and friends.
  • Share. Instagram also lets you share pictures and videos to other social network sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.
  • With the application on Windows, users can play Instagram videos from their feed and story.


If you are someone who likes a wider screen than the one a mobile phone offers you, then you will definitely enjoy using this application. Although it doesn’t have all the features the mobile version of this application has, it is still very useful and provides an easier way for users to scroll through their feed and interact with their social network. It can also be an alternative to sending multimedia to friends and family via services like WhatsApp and others.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-07-11
  • Developer: Instagram
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  • Version: 2019
  • File size: 199.97 MB
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