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It is essential to maintain computer activity management not only at work but also at home. HomeGuard is a powerful program that can easily limit almost everything that runs on your computer. User will also get some recommendations on which section needs extra attention. If you need a cleverly designed program on how tracking your PC activity, use HomeGuard. The installation will take just a few seconds, but the benefits you will receive are immeasurable. It is straightforward to navigate through different categories you want to keep an eye. In case there is an attempt to use a blocked type, you will get the notification. 

Why Use HomeGuard?

HomeGuard can assure your full protection. Users have the possibility to block specific programs, websites from running, check files that have been accessed/moved/deleted. You can even apply HomeGuard for Internet browsing to prevent particular web pages. When you set a specific restriction, it can be either permanent or set under the desired time intervals. Parents should use HomeGuard to set a total amount of hours of computer usage for their children. Once, there is an attempt; the program will take a screenshot as the report.

The Key Features Are:

  • Pornographic/inappropriate content filtering;
  • Websites blocking by name/URL/blacklists/whitelists;
  • Time/event-based screenshots capture;
  • Restricted games usage times;
  • Blocking of any desired program/app;
  • Keylogger options;
  • Web search monitoring;
  • Restrict Internet usage times;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Network monitoring/blocking;
  • USB storage media blocking/monitoring;
  • File blocking;
  • Printer monitoring;
  • Automatic clean up;


Install HomeGuard if you want to supervise a team or your child by restricting their access to certain content. The program will help to focus on the job. Parents will keep their children from the harmful side of the Internet. Every user of HomeGuard will benefit from this program.

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More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-11-25
  • Developer: Veridium.net
  • Homepage: veridium.net
  • Version: 8.9.2
  • File size: 6.7 MB
  • Downloads: 5,519
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: HomeGuard-Setup.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: ca8dc47bc5b2848ddfd666e087423c8f