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Google Chrome Backup

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When using Google Chrome as your search engine, personalizing your profile with themes, bookmarks, and search history, etc is part of the whole experience. This is what is referred to as your Google Chrome Profile. If you are changing PCs or maybe formatting your machine, but you don’t want to lose your profile, this is a good tool that helps to ensure that your data is preserved.

Why Use Google Chrome Backup?

This tool helps you replicate your browser history and other data to a different computer. Furthermore, you are able to easily add or remove information to or from your profile as well as easily adjust the settings. You can also use it to copy your profile to other Google Chrome Applications.

Another thing that makes this application appealing is the fact that it is portable, meaning that it uses minimum disk space on your computer. Although it might be a small tool, you are guaranteed to back up your files and recover any Google Chrome profiles.

Google Chrome Backup Key Features Include:

  • Creates your Google Chrome Profile;
  • Can backup and transfer your profile across various Google Chrome installations;
  • Eases your search engine experience by automating certain tasks.


This lightweight tool will help you create, restore, and backup your profile on Google Chrome so that you don’t miss a single beat while surfing the web. It will also help you transfer your profile across installations, making your overall experience seamless.

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