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Global mapper is a Geographic Information System (GIS) software package, known to be a great and inexpensive app that is currently developed by Blue Marble Geographic that usually runs on Microsoft Windows. It’s a tool for converting data of GIS tasks, and it has easy access to visualize 3d features. The speed of its performance and processing is great; also, it is capable of reading a very wide variety of formats and performing a surprising breadth of analysis and data management tasks.

However, Global Mapper has a very powerful, easy, and well-documented scripting system that will allow you to automate a lot of operations with a few rows of code.

Why is Global Mapper Useful?

Global Mapper has a powerful tool that is used for creating a geographical layer from any image file or PDF. The procedure involves identifying features in the imported image and tagging each of these with their coordinates.

Global Mapper’s “user interface” has been created to provide easy access to all the software’s features and functions. The main key elements of this interface include menus, toolbar, and, most importantly, the map window. Although some variations of this “dialog boxes” and “floating windows” provide access to these tools and, more importantly, advanced functionality.

The most efficient way to share data amongst Global Mapper users is easy; all you do is to create a Global Mapper Package file (.gmp). a package file can contain all the map data from any previously imported layers that can retain all of the configuration settings and edits that were applied to these layers. Besides, a single Global Mapper package file can contain data in various formats, which includes: (raster, vector, and/or elevation); hence, it provides an efficient tool for exchanging maps and spatial data among Global Mapper users.

In other, for you to make use of 3D functionality, the data with which you are working must have an inherent elevation or height value. The most common application for 3D data is to generate a terrain surface, which is the basis of many of Global Mapper’s analytical functions, such as watershed delineation and the flood level.

Although there are numerous sources where 3D or elevation data can be found, whereby Global Mapper online data function provides several datasets that can be downloaded freely without charges, also, Global Mapper supports elevation formats such as DEM and Arc/Info Grid files, Simple text files that include elevation values along with coordinates can be imported using the File > Import Generic ASCII Text File(s) command and can be gridded to create an elevation layer. At last, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data can be imported and processed to create a high-resolution surface model. 

The process of generating a raster elevation layer from an array of vector features that contain an elevation value involves gridding the data. This procedure typically follows the import of a LiDAR file, but it can also be performed using other vector files. For you to create an elevation grid from a selected layer, right-click on the layer in the Overlay Control Center and choose Analysis > GRID.

GIS analysis uses the spatial and non-spatial attribute data to answer questions about the real-world. Therefore, it is spatial analysis helps to distinguish GIS from other information systems. They are some analysis of Global mapper they include: 3D data, data importing and Exporting Spatial Database support, LiDAR and Point Clouds, Access Online Data, Google Earth Support, Terrain Analysis, Image Rectifications, GPS Tracking, Map Printing, and Web Publishing, Data Processing, Scripting, Raster Calculator.

Global Mapper has a powerful tool that is used for creating a geographical layer from any image file or PDF. The procedure involves identifying features in the imported image and tagging each of these with their coordinates.

Key Features of Global Mapper Include:

  • The app is low-Cost and easy-to-use GIS
  • It supports more than 300 Spatial data formats
  • It offers a Complete Suite of Data creation and editing tools
  • It provides cutting edge visualization and analysis capability
  • This Global Mapper has unmatched technical support


Global Mapper is a very powerful tool that is used for converting data and affordable. It can read a wide variety of formats also; it can perform analysis and data management tasks. The developer is active on the Global Mapper forums, and it is willing to respond to any requests. I’ve even heard anecdotes of him providing one-off builds if new or improved functionality is suggested.

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