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If you are a driver who commutes daily, then you have likely come across the Garmin GPS devices. They are considered to be some of the renown navigational devices on the market, thanks to their reliability and accuracy.

However, to keep your Garmin device up to date with the latest routes, tracks, maps, and waypoints, then you will require the Garmin Express application to help you.

How Can Garmin Express Boost the Performance of Garmin Devices?

The application, as you might have guessed, is built to work with your Garmin GPS device. It will save you the stress of mentally noting new routes and waypoints. The installation process is straightforward and can be done even by inexperienced PC users.

After launching this desktop application, you will notice how basic the user interface is designed. It is one of the most uncluttered interfaces you’ll ever come across. On the main screen, you will have the option of adding a device to the application.

To add a new device correctly, you will require a USB cable(comes alongside your Garmin device), an ANT Stick, or a Memory Card to connect your GPS device to your computer. Note that this will only work when you have Garmin Express installed on that computer.

Garmin Express automatically searches for compatible devices as soon as it’s launched. From the main screen, you can easily manage all your connected devices. You can even customize the names of each device, assuming you have more than one device. Simply ‘add a nickname,’ and it will be saved as the name of that device.

Garmin Express acts as the Garmin GPS Device updater. You can easily update your Garmin GPS to have the latest maps, waypoints, routes, and the software itself. You will also see the estimated install time for the available updates; that way you can go about other activities while your GPS is updated. Users can automatically download device updates at any time, overnight, weekdays, weekends, or never.

From the settings of this application, you can easily tweak some of the options to personalize your experience. You can even view the device details and obtain manuals to understand better how it works. There are options to customize your Garmin GPS device with various vehicles as well as voices.

With Garmin Express, you can automatically back up your GPS as frequently as you want. You also have the option of selecting specific updates manually. Users can also enable the ‘Always back up favorites before performing updates,’ update language files, send data collection without disclosing your identity, as well as remove a particular device from Garmin Express.

Through the settings, you can choose to keep Garmin Express Running in the background without disrupting other activities. You can even set your the automatically launch Garmin Express when a Garmin device is connected.

Key Features of Garmin Express Include:

  • Automatic updates for your Garmin devices;
  • Schedule map updates at any time, overnight, on weekdays, weekends, or never;
  • You can send data collection anonymously;
  • Automatically or manually back up your data;
  • Garmin Express can run in the background;
  • Automatically launch this application when any Garmin GPS device is connected;
  • Personalize your Garmin GPS device with vehicles and voices;
  • Installation and setup is straightforward;
  • Customizable settings;
  • Choose a nickname for each device, especially with multiple devices;
  • View your device details;
  • Access to manuals;
  • Multiple language support.


Overall, Garmin Express is a pretty handy tool for managing your Garmin GPS device. You can use it to control more than one Garmin device easily; configuring and customizing the settings as you please. The installation and setup are pretty straightforward, and you can drive or navigate safely with the latest waypoints, maps, routes, and tracks.

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