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As the game industry continues to evolve, we see a lot of changes in the visual and sound quality offered by the developers. Strategy games have not been left out as a lot of improvements and new gaming concepts have been introduced to keep us glued to our computers.

Everybody likes a good story, and most game developers now work on creating great storylines for their work to keep players engaged. Players keep yearning for more and expansion packs with more exciting stories are then released thereafter. Age of Empires II HD is one of such games that are available for computers that are running on the Windows operating system.

How Can Age of Empires II HD Enhance Gaming Experience for PC Users?

Age of Empires II HD is one of the most advanced real-time strategy games that is available for PC users who want to experience the great wars or the middle ages. It features high-quality graphics in a two-dimensional design which also allows you to feel the action as you try to utilize medieval warfare skills to win several battles. Players have access to several game elements including soldiers, weapons, and other equipment that may be used in fortifying their territory in the gaming environment. The game offers various options, and an amazing control system to improve your overall gaming experience.

There are up to 31 civilizations that are available in the game, each with strategic advantages that give it an edge over the others. The Saracens from the middle east, for instance, focus on ships and cavalry with an average economy and defense structures. An African civilization like the Ethiopians focuses on archery and siege weapons with 100 food and gold increase each time they advance to a new age.

The starting age in the game is the Dark Age where all civilizations start out with only three villagers, except the Mayans with four, and Chinese with six. Here, you have access to civilian structures like the residential house, the mill for processing food, lumbar and mining camps, farms, and docks. Palisade gates and walls, simple outposts, and the barracks are available for defense.

Next is the Feudal Age where you can train soldiers and construct defensive structures, as well as civilian and military buildings. There are blacksmiths for weapon upgrades, fishing traps to increase food sources, and markets for trade. For defense, you have stables for cavalry upgrades, archery range, watchtower, stone wall, and gate. At the Castle Age, you gain access to monks, castles, and siege units. You get to build monasteries, universities, and town centers, as well as siege workshops for defense and harbors for creating and upgrading ships. You also have access to military units with unique abilities to improve your defenses and conquering with a well-staged assault. The last is the Imperial Age where you gain access to heavy siege and gunpowder units. You can have a Keep and Bombard Tower, or construct a Wonder. All other available units can be upgraded to give you better firepower with powerful long-range damage.

There are several expansion packs that added new civilizations, technologies, units, and gameplay modes. The Conquerors, The Forgotten, The African Kingdoms, and The Rajas are the available expansion packs. With game mods and cheats that are available through the online community, you can enjoy the game and play through the available modes with ease. It has a multiplayer mode where you play against gamers from different parts of the world. It has a realistic approach with warriors from different civilizations speaking their native languages.

Key Features of Age of Empires II HD Include:

  • Single and Multiplayer modes.
  • Realistic approach with warriors from different civilizations speaking their native languages.
  • Game mods and cheats are available through the online community.
  • Four different expansion packs.
  • Up to 31 different civilizations with strategic advantages.
  • Upgrade weapons, units, structures, and other features.
  • Advance through different ages of civilization with technological improvements.
  • Amazing control system.


If you want to experience history in the eyes of any of the medieval civilizations, Age of Empires II HD is your best bet. This amazing strategy game lets you make your own mark on history from the comfort of your home.

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