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XFire is a free gaming tool that keeps track of computers, connected to online game servers. You can receive a notification whenever your friends entered the game and join them. You can share your gaming experience by doing a screenshot, broadcasting the gameplay, and doing live social media posts without leaving the game. The tool is fast and lightweight and doesn't require a lot of operating memory. Your game will not slow down since all the functions are performed in the background mode. 

How Can Xfire Boost Your PC?

Xfire is a multifunctional game manager with dozens of features for sharing a full game experience. You can communicate with your friends, share attachments, conduct peer-to-peer downloads, record videos, and publish them to your social media accounts. All these features are accessible in the background mode - you don't have to exit the game.

Firstly, Xfire thoroughly analyzes the game that you or your friends are playing, determining the game's server, status, the last date of access, and a bunch of other important characteristics. You can know who among your friends play the same games, how many hours they logged in, and even see their scores in a comprehensive report. 

Also, the tool allows users to make snapshots with just one click. You can save the entire screen or just a fragment. The screen’s section can be selected with a mouse controller or via special keyboard combinations. Also, you can record a video of your gameplay and save it in a separate MP4 file. The tool also allows real-time streaming - just connect your profile to Youtube or Twitch accounts. 

The main XFire’s advantage is that it supports instant messaging without forcing you to leave or pause the game. You can type a message or use voice messages via a connected microphone. The messages are displayed on a side-panel - there are no separate windows so you don’t have to switch between tabs. On top of that, you can regulate the number of displayed messages to make sure they don’t prevent you from seeing the gameplay. 

You can communicate not only with your fellow players but with your social media subscribers as well. The software enables you to connect your Twitter or Facebook account and post real-time. You can write text, attach screenshots and video files, or make a link to the live stream. However, it’s worth noting the free version of the software allows recording more than 10 minutes of video material. 

Xfire Key Features Include:

  • Make screenshots of your gameplay with just one mouse click;
  • Connect to your friends’ servers whenever they are active in the game;
  • Communicate with fellow games via a built-in instant messenger;
  • Record a video or stream your gaming experience real-time;
  • Connect your social media count to make real-time posts, share screenshots, videos, and streaming;
  • Requires permissions for microphone and camera. 


Xfire is a multifunctional gaming software that allows you to share your gaming experience with other players by connecting to a game simultaneously and communicating via an instant messenger. You can also post screenshots, videos, and real-time live streaming directly to your social media accounts without exiting the game. Note, however, that the development company stopped the support of the program which means, you will not be able to download later versions.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-07-15
  • Developer: Xfire Inc
  • Version: 2.44 B 761
  • File size: 15.58 MB
  • Downloads: 1,796
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: xfire_installer_761.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 3cddd39e099f3abbb343766fb897a02d