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Every now and then we feel nostalgic about the past and just want to have a feel of that experience again. Playing classic games from our childhood is one way to relive our pasts. However, if you dread the idea of walking into a gaming shop to purchase any of these games, then no worries as WinDS Pro offers you the possibility of playing more than one classic game from the comfort of your PC.

How Can WinDS Pro Be Useful To You

Since this software was built for both advanced gamers and novices, the user interface is pretty easy to navigate. It is basically a bunch of emulators packaged into one software. Users will find everything they need to play a solid Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games. 

It also supports languages other than English, like Spanish and German. WinDS Pro also supports the latest versions of Windows down until the Windows 2000. Any Windows older than Windows 2000 is unfortunately not supported by this software. So, be sure to update your software before installing it.

It’s worthy of note, that this software is relatively lightweight. Meaning only a fraction of your system’s resources will be used compared to other gaming applications. The configuration settings are easy for anyone to understand and you can employ the use of keyboard to access shortcuts. This software has all you want to relive that classic gaming experience again. 

Key Features Of WinDS Pro Includes

  • Access to keyboard shortcuts;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Ability to work with file types like GB, GBA, GBC and NDS;
  • Access to different emulators;
  • Supports English, Spanish, and German.


Using WinDS Pro has been said to have the best NDS emulators on the market. You are offered a classic gaming experience and it has everything you could ask for to enjoy Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS from your PC.

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  • Last Updated: 2019-07-04
  • Developer: WinDS PRO Central
  • Version: 2018.05.13
  • File size: 101.57 MB
  • Downloads: 2,899
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: WinDS.PRO.2018.05.13.zip
  • MD5 Checksum: 77641eaab8d3eb3a3ace808b84360bf1