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The range of gaming devices is extremely wide. In order to enjoy the experience to its fullest, gamers are forced to spend a lot of money  on gear alone. To eliminate these constraints and be able to display various games on one device only, advanced PC users upgrade their devices with emulators.

In order to enjoy Super Nintendo games on a computer screen, you can consider installing emulators like Snes9x. It’s a tool for creating a virtual SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo devices on a computer. Needless to say, the program opens a ton of gaming opportunities and allows Nintendo enthusiasts to play some of the most iconic retro games.

How Can Snes9x Boost Your PC?

The  emulator is coded entirely on C++. Despite being released back in 1997, it did a good job at emulating most SNES enhancement chips. Later, Cg shaders support was added as well. Snes9x is highly configurable - almost every feature can be manually enabled, disabled, or tweaked in some way. This provides gamers with flexibility and freedom and allows them to emulate the original experience to the best possible extent.

A possibility to change the game sound and play in full-screen is what makes Snes9x hugely sought out for in Nintendo gamers community. A user can also change game input devices choosing between SNES Joypad and SNES Mouse. The original crisp of graphics is kept as well in order to re-create the original look and feel of the game.

Snes9x allows users to search for cheats online and upload them, with the Action Relay feature. One of the fewer downsides of the emulator is that it doesn’t provide game files. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need ROMs to play ROM cartridge-based games.

Snes9x Main Features:

  • Customizable key mapping;
  • A large variety of ports for different systems;
  • Three assembler CPU emulation cores;
  • Configurable settings;
  • Action Relay support;
  • Altering game input devices. 


Snes9x is a reliable and mature console simulator that allows gamers to enjoy an immersive experience of SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo on their computer screen. The emulator is easy to set up. Thanks to the extensive enhancement chips and shaders support, the experience of playing on a virtual system is close to that of a real-life environment.

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