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Ever formatted a iPhone hurriedly and only later realized that the action cost you important data? All the more worrisome because the device is iOS supported, hence, you are unable to use most of the data recovery tools in the market.

Other possible data loss scenarios, include malware attacks, human error, iOS crash, theft of device or if one cannot recall their phone password. So, when your files are damaged or lost without a backup on your iTunes, what do you do? Well, worry no more. Using FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, you can easily recover your lost files even without any backup for them.

Why Use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery?

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery boasts total consonance across all iOS devices. Its rate of recovery has been praised by users. As an advantage, the data recovery process is very straightforward.

There are a number of things you can benefit from using this application. For instance, when data is lost through accidental deletion, you can recover your backed up files from iTunes or iCloud through the factory reset, if there was a device crash, if your phone was stolen or misplaced, even when your phone is inaccessible due to a broken screen or forgotten passwords.

Of course, the best thing would be backing up your important files and documents as often as possible so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of recovering them.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Key Features Include:

  • Direct recovery - just plug in your device to the PC to recover data;
  • Recover files that were backed up on iTunes; 
  • Recover iCloud backup by using your iOS device to sign into iCloud via your Apple ID and password. Once signed in, data restoration is instantaneous.


A big advantage to using this software is that it allows you to view the files as they are being scanned. This way, when you come across the files you need, you can restore them and terminate the rest of the scan, if need be. To note also, it is compatible with the latest iOS devices, hence offering a wide range of compatibility. This tool will make your iOS experience even smoother, with less worry about data loss.

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