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The speed of typing is a defining skill today. In order to express your thoughts fast, you need your typing speed to not stand in the way. Because when you are thinking of the location of the next key, it’s difficult to concentrate on thoughts.

Luckily, typing skills are really easy to obtain these days. Free software will provide you with comprehensive typing courses, interactive games, and reports for you to monitor the result. One of such solutions is the TypingMaster Typing Test, a friendly typing assistant that makes learning to type fun and efficient. 

How can TypingMaster Typing Test Boost Your PC?

The software provides a user with the possibility to select between three typing courses: touch typing, speed typing, and number & special key courses. Each of these is aimed at a specific goal - the touch course helps you to determine the right touch for your keyboard (not too weak, not too strong), the speed program teaches to type faster while the special key lessons help to reach faster for rarely used keys.

With Typing Meter you can understand how many characters you type during a certain amount of time. You can put benchmarks and goals, control your progress, and receive visualized statistics.

Another additional feature is a typing test. You can assess your skills and receive a score. If it’s lower than what you’ve expected, you can retake the course. The test can be taken an infinite amount of times - after all, this is not a school exam.

Last but not least, the games. You’d think this feature is designed mostly for kids but really, it’s not the case. Adults can have fun, too, and these games don’t feel too childish. Obviously, you can share the fun with your kid and practice typing together. It’s a great way to motivate yourself and practice before taking another test. 

TypingMaster Typing Test Key Features

  • Access various free typing courses where you can learn the right touch methods, the ways to increase typing speed and get used to special keys;
  • Test your skills by taking a test and receiving the final score;
  • Get a comprehensive report on your capabilities;
  • Have fun with creative typing games; 
  • Practice typing difficult words and keywords - imagine yourself in real-life typing situations;
  • Work with short-term and long-term memory by doing Typing Master exersises;
  • Evaluate your skills with Typing Meter - determine how many characters you can type in a minute.


TypingMaster Typing Test is a free engaging learning tool with a fun and productive approach to learning how to type. You can pass different courses to get better in various aspects of typing and review what you’ve learned by playing games and passing tests. This tool is great both for adults who want to improve their typing capacities and kids who are getting used to typing. In fact, this activity can be shared by the entire family since it finds a great balance between fun and education.

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