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Computer literacy has become a very important skill in this modern era as every sector including education and business is becoming technologically advanced. This has led to increased use of digital resources which involves creating text-based documents and tables. To be able to use your computer effectively, you should work on developing your typing skills to a significant level. You would also need to work on your typing speed to ensure that you are able to create documents or complete other tasks and projects in a timely manner. Typing Trainer has the right set of tools to help improve your productivity with a keyboard.

How Can Typing Trainer Benefit PC Users?

Typing Trainer is an all-important tool that can be used by individuals who want to improve their keyboard typing skills. It features advanced technology that learns your typing techniques and suggests a couple of exercises and games which would help you get better. This software is packed with a lot of features that can be used to improve your typing speed and precision. The interface language and keyboard style can be changed as required. Typing Trainer offers a wide range of keyboard styles that can be used to improve user experience.

When launched, you get a full-screen display of its user interface which can be switched to the windowed mode. The full-screen display is the default option as it allows you to concentrate fully without distraction from Windows notifications.  Its tabbed interface features the “Training” tab which allows you to choose between the Quick Typing Boost and Typing Analyzer. The Quick Typing Boost features tests that can help to improve your writing speed and precision. You can monitor your keyboard techniques through the Typing Analyzer which works to ensure that your skills are improved.

Learning recommendations from the software is usually based on your typing data. The several trial exercises and games include sentence drills which are quite challenging and should be completed by the user. You may want to change the keyboard layout to the preferred model before you begin. The “Review” tab features information about the collected data. You can get more detailed information about the entire features of Typing Trainer and the tests that they offer through the help button. There is an online community of users that share information on how to effectively use the tool and its features.

Key Features of Typing Trainer Include:                                                                                           

  • Available interface languages including French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and lots more.
  • Improve your writing speed and precision.
  • Comprehensive user guide.
  • Large online community.
  • Review your progress.
  • Multiple keyboard layouts.
  • Totally free.
  • Monitor your keyboard techniques through the Typing Analyzer.
  • Effective learning recommendations.
  • Several trial exercises and games, including sentence drills, among others.
  • Toggle between full-screen and window mode.


Typing Trainer is a must-have for individuals who intend to use their computers for educational or business purposes. Writing academic term papers and business reports would require speed and precision for maximum productivity.

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