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Parents are often hesitant to let their kids draw because of how messy they can get. Paints everywhere, dirty hands, and colored walls - it’s just too much to deal with. However, all these issues can be solved with a digital painting tool where you would have no brushes to wash or tables to clean.

Tux Paint is a certified drawing software, used in schools and kindergartens for developing kids’ artistic skills. It’s interesting for kids of different ages (from 3 to 12) because there are various levels of tool complexity. Small painters can start with simple brushes while advanced creative minds can challenge themselves with complex gradients and smart pencils. 

How Can Tux Paint Boost Your PC?

Tux Paint is an interactive painting tool that preserves the creative painting experience while taking all the troublesome part out of it. This tool not only provides kids with the possibility to express themselves through painting but also increases their computer proficiency. Its functionality is basically a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator painting tools. 

Even though the software is actively used in schools for computer proficiency classes, it can also be used by kids at home. The tool provides users with detailed guidelines and tips. Whenever a kid feels stuck, there is a possibility to turn to Tux for advice - a cartoon-ish mascot who makes the process even more fun.  

The functionality is fairly simple. Firstly, a kid needs to choose a canva - it can have a default 800x600 px size or change it to smaller (640x480) or a larger one. The interface can be switched to a full-screen mode that provides better visibility of the canvas and available tools. All the features are illustrated by lightweight vector icons so children can simply memorize the images instead of having to read the function's name all the time. The interface has built-in sound effects, animations, and multi-lingual support.

However, even though the tool is incredibly simplified, it’s not primitive. It fully preserves a creative painting experience while laying a solid foundation or the future use of graphics editors. Kids can learn the basics of design while having fun with their creations. 

Tux Paint Key Functions Includes:

  • Create a painting of various levels, from simple sketches to complex drawings;
  • Learn to use the basic functionality of a graphics editing software;
  • Gain better mouse and keyboard control while painting a picture;
  • Receive tips and insights from Tux, a fun mascot who’s always ready to help;
  • Work with various canva sizes, from small to large options;
  • Supports all Windows versions.


TuxPaint is a multifunctional and intuitive software for kids from 3 to 12 years old. This tool is used in schools for teaching computer proficiency and increasing students’ artistic skills. However, the program can also be applied at home as a fun family activity. Mascot Tux, a fun character created by this tool’s developers, provides kids with tips on functionality and helps to find necessary features.

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