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If you are a business owner, particularly with startups or large corporations, looking to manage your data effectively, then there is good news for you.

This software provides a fast way of preparing, combining, and even manipulation data from more than one source for all level of users. This is because it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to work on. The features are easy to understand and customize. 

Why Use EasyMorph?

With EasyMorph, the user can use functions such as copy, drag-and-drop, to move data or copy it from different documents. In addition, it allows for the mixing of text and numbers in the same columns and rows. 

You are guaranteed to control your data quality, automate repetitive actions, import/export spreadsheets & files, schedule tasks individually or in bulk, receive/send emails alongside attachments, have access to cloud databases hosted at Amazon, Azure, or Google, access to 100+ data editing features, transfer files over SFTP/SCP, and many more options.

It helps you create personalized scripts fast and efficiently. It helps ease the data analysis process, displaying the analysis in a simple, easy to understand manner. Any incorrect calculations can be corrected by going back on each transformation, until you identify the point at which it went wrong. Upon correction, you don’t need to rerun any command, as changes are effected and displayed immediately.

EasyMorph Key Features Include:

  • Can be integrated with other tools;
  • Merging, filtering, aggregating are available;
  • 100+ data editing features;
  • An easy to use interface;
  • It automatically translates documents in English; you don’t have to be stuck with code;
  • You can import and export data from other sources directly to your spreadsheet;
  • You can transform data and have it displayed visually, unlike with other data manipulation tools.


Apart from the easy to use interface, with EasyMorph you can filter and merge tables properly even when your transformations have led to changes in the tables, all without any chance of error. If you’re looking for speed, efficiency, and accuracy in data transformation and management in a tool, then this application is worth considering.

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