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Due to the fact that hardware and software can’t communicate with each other directly, we need a middle-man who would connect these essential puzzle pieces. This is the function that drivers perform. Still, even though drivers are so important, few users actually know the current condition of their drivers.

If you are one of such users, don’t worry, there is nothing to feel sorry about. Monitoring drivers manually are challenging, considering that an average computer uses hundreds of drivers every day. Monitoring each of them on a regular basis would be time-consuming and simply useless. However, you can install Driver Genius - a driver monitoring software that will scan drivers automatically and alert you whenever a potential issue arises.

How Can Driver Genius Boost Your PC?

The main scope of Drive Genius is to automatically scan your drivers in background mode and to detect any potential issues before it can hurt your PC’s efficiency.

In this application, you have access to the full list of your drivers where each of them is grouped according to its functionality, date of installation, and status. If there are broken or outdated drivers, these will be displayed right away.

Whenever a critical error occurs, you’ll be notified immediately. The tool will offer you a repair strategy and after receiving permission, Driver Genius will automatically fix the broken driver. If a repair is impossible, the software will recommend you to change the driver completely.

The tool has a clear and easy-to-use interface. All driver data is clearly displayed on the main screen. The scanning is performed automatically and in the background mode with default settings. You can customize your profile if you’d like but it’s not necessary.

Last but not least, the tool created backup copies of each driver as well as report copies. In case of a system breakdown, you will have all the crucial data saved. Also, the tool includes a hardware temperature monitor so you can prevent your processing units from overheating.

Driver Genius Key Features Include:

  • Automatically scan all your drivers to prevent critical errors and breakdowns;
  • Create driver backups to restore data from broken or lost drivers;
  • Install updates for all outdated drivers with just one click;
  • Remove all invalid or broken drivers;
  • Receive detailed information on all PC’s hardware, and detect minor issues before they turn into a critical problem;
  • Monitor the temperature of your central and graphics processing units. 


Driver Genius is an intuitive software for driver management and monitoring. Firstly, it scans all the computer drivers. Secondly, it repairs all detected issues automatically and notifies you as soon as it’s time to replace a driver. Also, it simplifies the process of driver installation, walking you through each step. On top of that, Driver Genius can be integrated with your antivirus software and check your drivers’ security. It’s an all-in-one tool that takes full care of your computer drivers, sparing you the necessity of manual check-ups.

What's new in version?


  • Improved high-DPI support.
  • Stability improvements.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed some UI display issue.


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