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AMD Catalyst Driver is a lightweight tool for managing graphics cards and process units, including accelerated processing units. The tool supports all Advanced Micro Device cards and runs on all Windows versions as well as on Linux.

How Can AMD Catalyst Driver Boost Your PC?

The purpose of the software is to facilitate the management of graphics cards, simplifying their settings and customizations. Another scope of AMD Radeon Software is to make rendering faster by managing Unified Video Decoder, Video Coding Engine, and SIP blocks. Also, this software supports sound calculation hardware like AMD True Radio. You can transfer projects automatically from one synchronized tool to another.

AMD Catalyst Driver allows users performing video and audio acceleration, using SIP cores. Using the same technology, the tool also allows slowing down footages. Audio acceleration, on the other hand, is supported by AMD TrueAudio SIP cores and DSP co-processor. On top of that, ACP support allows adding music and sound effects in games. You can load sound effects to the software, perform editing, and automatically export it to the game file - otherwise you would have to load these files manually.

Rendering, compressing, and editing consumes a lot of system energy which is why it’s necessary to use additional tools to prevent overconsumption. AMD Catalyst Driver is also compatible with AMD PowerTune, AMD PowerPlay, and AMD ZeroCore Power. All of these tools allow saving the computer’s energy when graphics cards and processors are used. Last but not least, the software has an intuitive interface which is essential for the software as complex as this one. Considering that AMD Catalyst Driver supports a lot of hardware and software, it’s easy to get lost in endless settings and customization. Luckily, the designers found a way of avoiding this risk by choosing a more minimalistic interface. All the tools are efficiently organized in the upper menu, divided into categories and subcategories.

AMD Catalyst Driver Key Features Include:

  • Manage graphics cards, GPUs, and accelerated processing units;
  • Manage music effects in games, automatically loading sound files to the software;
  • Supports AMD ZeroCore Power, AMD PowerTune, and AMD PowerPlay;
  • Render videos with connected Unified Video Recorder;
  • Intuitive minimalistic interface.


AMD Catalyst Driver is a multifunctional lightweight tool for working with graphics cards and processors as well as with the sound software. It increases the speed of video editing and rendering, allowing you to save the computer’s energy during power consuming procedures. An intuitive interface makes the rich functionality easily accessible. Although for beginning users, it might take some time to remember the location of each function.

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