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A computer driver enables a connection between a computer’s hardware and compatible software. Without an appropriate driver, certain programs are not able to function properly and this usually results in installation errors. Drivers perform the hard work of picking the suitable hardware modes and settings, sparing you the necessity to be an expert in all hardware, connected to your PC.

Keeping track of all installed drivers is a difficult task unless you fully understand the technical specifics of each driver and hardware. However, it gets a lot easier if you have a designated tool to gather this information in your place. Driver Turbo is a software capable of scanning and analyzing over 200,000 drivers. With its multiple monitoring features, it’s easy to keep your drivers updated.

How Can Driver Turbo Boost Your PC?

Driver Turbo analyzes all your computer drivers and collects information about their technical characteristics, conditions, functionality, and possible risks. It can identify broken, outdated, or corrupted drivers and quickly repair them. 

On top of that, this tool is a big help when it comes to installing a new driver. Turbo Driver gives you all the information required during the installation, including your computer’s model, detailed OS description, the list of missing drivers, and instructions about installing a particular driver. Basically, the software walks you through the installation process, giving you necessary insights each step of the way. Along with installing and monitoring, Driver Turbo can also update your drivers without your help. It will ask for your approval and as soon as the permission is given, the tool will automatically upgrade the driver to a newer version.

The best part is, the tool doesn’t require a lot of customization. If you are new to working with drivers, you might lack knowledge about drivers’ settings. This could lead to numerous mistakes during driver’s installation and further usage. Drive Turbo minimizes this potential damage by providing you with universal default settings that you hardly have to edit.

Driver Turbo Key Features Include:

  • Collects information about more than 200,000 PC drivers with multiple scanning modes;
  • Detects technical issues, outdated drivers, and corruption;
  • Automatically updates system drivers;
  • Helps with driver’s installation, providing detailed information on PC’s model, OS version, and already installed drivers.


Driver Turbo is known for its simple interface and clear navigation. Unlike most driver managers, this one is adapted to inexperienced users and provides a lot of explanation about each feature. You don’t have to google additional information since everything you need to know is already in the tool, clearly displayed for you to see.

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