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For Windows Users who are into gaming or who use multimedia on their PCs, DirectX is what is necessary for the interaction between functionalities such as audio and the development platforms. 

Why Use DirectX?

It creates and manages for you graphic images and multimedia effects on Windows. Such applications may be written in C++, Visual C/C++ or Java. The function of being able to play DirectX application is a result of being integrated in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser.  Users can also download 3D players if they so choose.

This tool is the interface between your hardware, as in computer’s inbuilt capabilities, and the software, that is, the games. DirectX functions are designed to be performed on a graphics accelerator card, so you know your processor won’t be slowed down. Accelerator manufacturer provides a driver especially for DirectX.

DirectX Key Features Include:

  • DirectDraw allows you define 2-dimensional images. You can specify textures in those images, and also manage double buffers, which you can use to change images.
  • Direct3d is an interface used to create three dimensional images.
  • Direct-Sound is used to create sound and coordinate it with the images.
  • Direct-Play is a plug in for users which can also be used by developers to test their applications before launching;
  • DirectInput support;
  • Latest version is backward compatible with older DirectX hardware;
  • DirectX 11 is compatible with handheld devices;
  • DirectX has access to even more hardware than older DX versions. The multi-adapter will allow developers to split the work between the GPU and the CPU, resulting in 10% more efficiency.


DirectX is good because of its range and depth in functions and capabilities. This set of API makes it possible to easily create, manage and test multimedia and games without necessitating incorporation of other software. The current version is also quite efficient due to the presence of a multi-adapter, so it is going to be interesting to see what people’s experience will be with DirectX 11 in coming days.

We don't have any change log information for DirectX 11 yet. If you have any change log info for this version of DirectX you can share with us.


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