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Computers require programs that make it run in a certain type of way. These machines are increasingly becoming complicated as lots of manufacturers lean towards making very fast computers that make our lives easier. This has reduced predictability and control because a system component may crash as a result of corrupt or missing drivers.

When something goes wrong on your PC, the IT expert that should be able to fix it may be far away as you are unable to troubleshoot the problem on your own. There are ways through which the IT expert can resolve the issue remotely. TeamViewer is designed to handle complex tasks on multiple computers in different locations.

How Can TeamViewer Help You?

TeamViewer is a powerful tool that gives users access to files on computers in different locations using an internet connection. This is useful to IT managers as they can control several workstations remotely without having to move. It is free for personal use but a license must be purchased to use it commercially.

Its remote access capability is not limited to organizations and businesses. TeamViewer can be used to transfer files between home and work computers. It is easy to install and has a straightforward user interface. Installing it on all your computers ensures gives you direct access when the need arises. Each computer will have a unique ID and password which can be used to establish a connection between them.

User privileges can be adjusted to control the functions that can be performed from individual computers. It can be used in hosting meetings and delivering presentations from a host to member computers. Files can be dragged from one PC to another. Connected computers can make conference video calls which is useful for a team of people working on a particular project.

TeamViewer allows you to connect to devices across multiple platforms from computers to smartphones. You can wake idle computers and prevent people from watching you while you work remotely. It can be used to restart remote computers, install and monitor new software and well as print documents from other PCs.

The software supports multiple screen display which is useful in broadcasting messages in various monitors. It has a reporting feature that helps you keep track of incoming and outgoing connections. TeamViewer is available in many different languages for personalized user experience.

You can record presentations made on TeamViewer for future reference. Its anti-virus integration ensures that files and connections are protected against viruses and malware. The end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, master whitelist, and enforced password reset features ensure that you maintain privacy across all devices to prevent unauthorized access.

TeamViewer Key Features Include:

  • Multi-language support;
  • End-to-end encryption;
  • Antivirus integration;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Master whitelist;
  • Remote access to computers with Read and Write permissions;
  • Multiple screen display;
  • Video call support;
  • Cross-platform support.


TeamViewer makes it possible for people in distant locations to work together effectively in a secured network without restrictions. It saves maintenance costs for individuals and businesses as they do not need to invest in servers to access important files.

What's new in 14.7.1965.0 version?

  • TeamViewer Remote Printing is now also available if Windows 10 version 1903 is running on the remote side.
  • TeamViewer Pilot
  • It is now possible to take a screenshot of the live video stream in Pilot sessions
  • An optional disclaimer is shown before every connection when connecting through Host. This disclaimer can be configured within each custom host (enabled/disabled and displayed text).
  • Solved issues which caused TeamViewer to crash
  • Solved an issue that prevented the control of Android devices from Windows touchscreen devices.
  • Solved an issue where a message for proxy authentication is shown wrongly
  • Implemented a measure to prevent a Microsoft Windows system DLL from loading untrusted DLLs from the application directory into the service process
  • Minor improvements and fixes


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