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Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 12.0.40629.0 Update 5 RTM

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Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate is a powerful program, which has been designed for advanced programmers. You can use it for developing professional applications. Install Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate to get everything you need for an integrated development environment. If you need a program that integrates all the basic features of the Professional edition, consider downloading Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate. It is efficient for web, software, and game developers. You will find a full set of advanced tools to work with and achieve the desired results.

How Can Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate Be Useful?

If you are not a rookie in programming, Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate is what you need. It is quite a sophisticated program recommended for all IT specialists, who will find the following powerful tools useful. They should be used to simplify the development process. You will find many features starting with design and deployment. There are features for coding, compiling, debugging, and testing the apps or programs you create. Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate allows you to experiment with ASP.NET, Silverlight, Sharepoint, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, Visual C++, etc. It is possible to find F# and Windows Azure integration. Do not forget to try creating WPF applications. Once the installation is done, you will get access to wizard for configuring the appearance and structure. You will be guided through the entire development process. Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate is packed with testing tools like web performance, load/case tests, database deployment, architecture/modeling features, and even virtual/checkpoint environment creation. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can quickly reproduce the detected bugs in the code. 

The Key Features Are:

  • The building of inter-platform compatible apps and games.
  • Fast software delivery.
  • Collaboration among team members.
  • Fast detection/fixing of bugs.
  • The smart building of applications.
  • Cloud integration.


Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate is a vast, sophisticated software, which is bundled with many different developers and testing features. Make sure that you have enough system resources because it will undoubtedly use some of your CPU and memory. You will enjoy using such multi-platform support in a single IDE. You will not find a better program for developing professional programs.

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  • Version: 2013 12.0.40629.0 Update 5 RTM
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