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The Reasons to Download & Install Hex Workshop for Windows

This application is a binary data editor that combines excellent functionality, flexible settings, and ease of use due to a convenient user interface. With this editor, you can edit, cut, copy, paste, fill and delete binary data. Using the Hex Workshop, you can edit, delete, cut, copy, and paste hexadecimal values, fully customize the printing of memory plots, and export these plots to .rtf or .html for distribution.

The editor allows you to work with the standard data structure and its types using the structure viewer and the bookmark function. It also provides a set of features and tools that allow you to quickly navigate to the desired file or code segment, search and replace data. In addition to this, you can navigate to the offset specified relative to the beginning of the file, search, replace, compare data and calculate the checksum. It is integrated into the Explorer menu, which allows you to easily edit the necessary files without starting the Hex Workshop separately.

Hex Workshop also has a built-in number converter that allows you to work with hexadecimal, decimal, and binary numbers, as well as a hexadecimal calculator with support for arithmetic and logical operations. The Hex Workshop interface is entirely customizable - you can control the appearance of the main editor window, the color representation of the data and indicate where and what data should be displayed.

Hex Workshop Key Features

  • editing files in hexadecimal format;
  • conversion between hexadecimal, decimal and binary representation systems;
  • comparison of binary data;
  • ample opportunities for customizing the interface;
  • support for arithmetic and logical operations, variables, loops, and conditions.


Overall, Hex Workshop is a program for editing files in hexadecimal format. This application combines the functions of a Hex editor and data interpreter with the ease and flexibility of modern text editors.

What's new in version?


  • An integrated text-based structure editor was added to help users easily create and maintain structure definitions. The structure editor includes syntax coloring, in-line error reporting, and automatic structure library re-loading on save.
  • Color maps are now editable from within Hex Workshop using an integrated text editor supporting syntax coloring.
  • The Expression Calculator now supports syntax coloring.


  • Resolved crash when copying hex values over 4K to the clipboard.
  • Improved default font sizing and layouts for high resolution displays.
  • Table column widths are now persisted across application restart for the Structures, Find Results, Compare Results, Checksum Results, and Bookmarks windows.


More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-08-28
  • Developer: BreakPoint Software
  • Homepage: www.bpsoft.com
  • Version:
  • File size: 17.99 MB
  • Downloads: 1,803
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: hw_v680.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: d21b000da44bef88bd6a9bedba70784b