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Microsoft Access is an essential tool for business and personal purposes, and as such, is used by several individuals and companies as well. However, not all users have a fully licensed version of Microsoft Access. If you happen to be one of the many users who fall under this category, you can install an Access Runtime on your computer. As long as your user doesn't need to create or edit any database objects such as VBA codes, Reports, Forms, and so on, you can always make use of the free Access Runtime as it will allow you to run and use any existing database, and also allows you to freely distribute your database to users who do not already have Microsoft Access at absolutely no cost.

It is also imperative to point out that some developers actually go on to install the runtime version of Microsoft Access, not considering whether or not their users have the full version of Access already installed on their systems, because it gives an extra layer of security to their databases and it also restricts what other users can change. Microsoft Access Runtime is an exposed down version of Access in which the developer/design tools have been removed or disabled. The software allows you to distribute your database to users that do not already have Microsoft Access at without paying a dime. While most people mistake Access Runtime for a development tool, it really isn't as one will still require the full version of Microsoft Access in order to create/edit a database. Let's look at Access Runtime as being a truck; you can always drive it all around town whenever you want to, but, if you do not soup your car, you will soon be needing the services of a mechanic.

How Can Microsoft Access Runtime Benefit You?

Microsoft Access Runtime is a convenient tool for all developers because of its effectiveness. If you do not already have a fully licensed version of Access, you can install Access Runtime on your computer. Users do not need to create and edit database objects such as Forms, Report, VBA code, etc., this application will serve you well. You can distribute your database to the user that does not already have Microsoft Access freely.

For developers, one other way of adding additional layers of restrictions to what your users can change is to download and install Access runtime. You can do this irrespective of whether or not your users already have full versions of Access installed on their systems.

This version of Access Runtime comes with a long lineup of features, updates and bug fixes including a newly introduced ACCDB database format which has more secure encryption, and other sub-features including; tabbed objects support, ribbon interface, report view, simplified filtering, datasheet totals, split form tool, date picker, output to PDF support, graphics on buttons, replaced database container with navigation pane and search tool, support for attachments and multi-value field data types, form object anchoring, Web Browser control, image control with control source, directory level trust, etc. Also, the software requires Windows XP or later.

There have also been some major fixes with this release. For example, Runtime Error 3251' Operation is not supported for this type of object'. This error is usually experienced when using a Data Access Object (DAO) code to synchronize an Access 2007 database that has been replicated. There's also been a fix for Runtime Error 3001 'Invalid argument.' An error usually experienced when using Microsoft Visual Basic for macro Applications (VBA) in Access 2007 to update records in Microsoft's Jet 3.x database.

Other fixes include fixes for Runtime crash after application of Service Pack 2. Also, ribbon options for rich text box now work in sub-forms.

With this version of Access Runtime, you can seamlessly export reports to Excel. The update also supports memo fields in the mailing label wizard for addresses. Also, there have been fixes for issues that occur in the 'import data wizards,' 'report printing and previewing,' macros, Excel integration, date, and other similar filters as well. There have also been updated to enable you Access Developer Extensions. In addition, a PDF Exporting feature has now been built-in. Also, the software now recognizes trusted locations set at the machine level and lots more.

Some technical updates and additions include fixes for parameter details shown as number (ASCII value) instead of displaying as text on a report. There's also been a fix for the stored procedure being executed multiple times when opening a form/report. Also, the Navigation Pane and Status Bar errors after applying 'Service Pack 2' have been settled; additionally, the calculated 'field changes the value' while scrolling has now been fixed. There's also been a fix for the error of Access hanging whenever you're using the large attached table. The error experienced when clicking the arrow beside the date column has also been addressed. The error of templates disappearing (with Spanish MUI on Win XP/2003), and the error, 'unable to link Sybase database' if File DSN contains spaces has also been fixed alongside several other fixes. Moreover, there has also been a major security fix; this security update settles the security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Access experienced by many users like errors that could allow automatic unauthorized remote code executions when a specially crafted Access file is opened.

Key Features of Microsoft Access Runtime 2007 Include:

  • Comprehensive Access tools.
  • Multiple bug fixes.
  • Addition of several tools.
  • Free use of Microsoft Access.
  • Free sharing.
  • Updated security patches.
  • Technical updates.
  • Additional plugins/features (upon effecting the necessary customizations).
  • Navigation Pane.
  • Title bar text/icon (can be specified by the database instead of by Access).
  • Default Office Fluent Ribbon.
  • Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Shortcut menus.
  • Access Help.
  • Designers (including Filter by Form).
  • Visual Basic Editor, etc.


This application is a convenient tool for developers. It gives you all the services of Microsoft Access for free. Also, it offers additional layers of security to your database, and also gives you the ability to restrict what users can change and what they cannot change. There's been an innumerable number of significant bug fixed, additions and updates in this release making it a handy, efficient, and reliable tool.

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